Sarah Palin Flexes TEA Party Muscle

Bookmark and Share   The atmosphere across the country is starting to lean further and further in favor of the conservative TEA party wing of the Republican party.  My state of Florida is a good example where establishment Republicans are suddenly realizing that their best bet to defeat the Democrats in November is to position themselves in support of the anti-establishment TEA party friendly candidates such as Marco Rubio for Senate and Rick Scott for Governor.  Many of the long-time RINOs and moderates are having to decide between supporting conservatism or fleeing to the other side of the aisle where they belong.

In the opposite corner of the country, TEA party conservatism has struck a huge blow to the establishment.  Backed by Sarah Palin, TEA party Republican Joe Miller has upset Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski by a margin of less than 2,000 votes.  Alaskans, like much of the country, are beginning to realize that their states cannot survive on the Federal debt IV forever and need to send Senators to DC who will cut the debt and return individual’s money to them.

Sarah Palin has been increasingly in the spotlight lately, from making speeches with Glenn Beck about our nation’s foundation of faith to being chosen to speak at the Ronald Reagan Dinner in Iowa.  All the signs point to a conservative TEA party Republican primary run for Sarah Palin.

After Murkowski’s loss, the stage is set for a liberal Democrat versus TEA party conservative Republican showdown in several races across the country.  Everyone has underestimated Palin and the TEA party movement from day one.  The day after election day in November may make the 2012 picture completely clear for Sarah Palin.

Palin is not gaining any additional administrative or government experience during this time, but that may make her more attractive to voters who are in love with outsiders.  She is gaining national campaign and ideological experience; something she severely lacked in 2008.  Palin has helped to organize a stunning and somewhat ignored conservative revolution this 2010 primary season.  Murkowski provides an exclamation point on this success.  2010 may be seen as the ripple that became the wave Palin road to the White House.  By the way, she wouldn’t be the first community organizer to win the Presidency.

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