Santorum’s Speech to the Annual Values Voters Convention

United States Senator Rick Santorum, sponsor o...

Rick Santorum

Bookmark and Share Rick Santorum delivered a powerful speech at the annual Values Voters gathering of the Family Research Council.  He began by telling the audience that he disagreed with the so-called experts who are trying to tell Republicans to deal strictly with economic issues.  According to Santorum “the idea that values and moral issues are not part of integrated sets of issues that keep this country free and safe and prosperous is a very dangerous idea”  He added that we can’t go out on one wing of issues and expect to fly on just the wing talking about taxing and spending.   Santorum believes that at the core of all the issues is that government is taking freedom away. 

In the end Santorum layed out another very important point worth mentioning.  He warned that voters should not get down too down on Republicans after they take back either or both branches of Congress and do fail to produce dramatic change.  Santorum reminds us that on the November 3rd of 2010, Barack Obama will still be President and more than that, real change takes time.  Just as it did with Democrats who took control of Congress in 2006 but didn’t start dramatically changing things until 2008.  But Santorum punctuated his remarks by claiming that there were only three times in the past 100 years that “really big things happened”to change government…..The New Deal, The Great Society and the last two years of the Obama Administration. 

Santorum went on to explain that the key denominator in nthoise three cases wewre not simply a liberal President but were rather the  fillibuster proof margins that liberals had in Congress.  The point being that no matter what happens on November 2, 2010, republicans will not have the numbers to bring about the dramatic change that we want.  However if we remain focussed, come 2012 the numbers could be there and the opportunity to create the change we need in dramatic fashion will be in our reach.

Below you will find Santorum’s speech in its entirety;

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