Democrats Strategy – Crazy or Crazy Like a Fox?

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As the mid term election campaigns enter the final two weeks, as a student of politics I have been confused as to what exactly the Democrats strategy is. The President has spent time in states in which the races seem well in control of the Democrat candidate until this week when he will hit Missouri and Nevada to stump for candidates in races that are within reach including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The party, the President and the pundits have spent countless hours with speeches, tv shows and commercials attacking tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell in Delaware in a race in which she has never been truly competitive. There is only one candidate who is running on the policies enacted by the Democrat controlled Congress and White House and that is Harry Reid who has no choice as Senate Majority Leader. The others are simply either failing to mention their support for the Democrats policies and their own voting records or are touting their votes against the policies of their party.

All but forgotten as a strategy is the Bush bashing that boded so well in 2008 as the public grows weary of the excuse that it’s the ‘other guys fault’ when Democrats have had control of Congress for 4 years and the White House for 2. As I watch the campaign unfold I have only two deductions I can make to justify the political death the Democrats willingly seem to be marching straight in to:

1. They have fallen so far out of favor with the voters by jumping in so deep with the rhetoric in 2008 that they simply don’t have the answer to the tsunami they see making landfall on November 2nd.

2. They purposefully do not want to win.

The first scenario seems to be the most likely but do not count out the second. It is the only strategy that actually makes sense. With the economy sluggish, unemployment rising, the debt and deficit out of control and basic public sentiment souring on the ‘Hope and Change’ that were promised it makes sense that losing a chamber of congress may allow the President and the Democrats to renew a scapegoat that they have lost in George W. Bush. I know it sounds a bit conspiratorial but if the policies enacted by the Democrats continue to fail who is there to blame if they retain control? As they have found, the public is holding them accountable for the issues the country is facing. They hold the entire enchilada. They own health care. They own stimulus, omnibus and every major spending bill but TARP and they bought the uncertainty surrounding the countries tax rates by leaving town early without addressing it. They need someone else in the picture to blame because honestly they are the only ones in the game.

It makes perfect political sense to not put all of your eggs in one basket, as they have found out. Simply put – they need another basket. A Republican basket.

The strategy of owning it all, including the blame has proven a tough road. the fix – sublease the House of Representatives to the GOP. Have someone to help carry the load and the blame if it all falters. The President’s excuse that the Republicans were blocking everything that may have worked fell upon deaf ears. The voters understood that the Democrats had full and complete control. Now maybe that excuse will have some merit with voters as the President heads to 2012.

Are they crazy or crazy like a fox? I believe it to be the latter. The Democrats have proven to be crafty campaigners. I find it hard to believe that they forgot how so soon following their greatest accomplishment.

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