Newt Gingrich Hedging His Odds In Nevada

Bookmark and Share Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is seemingly serious about a run for President and he is looking carefully at the early primary and caucus contests. As such, he recently sent an advance man to schmooze with state G.O.P. leaders and gauge the sentiments of Silver State Republicans.

In the past, Nevada did not play that big a role in the Republican presidential contest, but Gingrich understands that recent changes mean that in 2012, Nevada will be a much higher stake race than it was in the past.

As the date game plays out for states that want to angle for importance in the 2012 presidential primaries and caucuses, Nevada will be holding their Democrat and Republican presidential caucus on February 18th,making itthe first contest in the West and the third Republican contest nationally. In addition to that, the state is moving away from their winner-take-all system, and to a proportionate one. This means that the opportunity for candidates to walk away with at least a few delegates, instead of empty handed, will be worth the investment of their time and money.

But one of the most important changes in the Nevada Republican caucus is that it is moving from a nonbinding one, to a binding one. In the past delegates were allowed to switch their votes at the Republican National Convention. This time, they will be committed to the candidates they awarded to.

Altogether, this makes Nevada much more important than it was in the past and Newt knows it. So he is already testing the ground and looking at his chances against the 2008 winner of the Nevada Caucus —- Mitt Romney. In 2008, Romney won but that victory came,in part, because he was the only candidate to campaign in the state. Others, like Senator John McCain, focused instead on South Carolina. But with the changes that have been made, 2012 will be quite different and although Romney is considered a slight favorite, it is far from a done deal. A recent Public Policy Polling survey had Romney with 34% of the vote, compared with Gingrichs and Gingrich at 21%. Sarah Palin took a 16% share of the vote and Mike Huckabee had a fourth place showing of 11%.

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