Presidential Exploratory Committee Established by Popular Conservative Talk Show Host Herman Cain

Herman Cain

Bookmark and ShareHerman Cain isfar from beinga household name but he is an incredibly accomplished businessman who has helped move a few household names like Pillsbury and Burger King. He is also anauthor, columnist, popular Georgia based conservative talk show host, and a former candidate for the Republican Senate nomination from Georgia. Today in addition to his entrepeneurial and media works, he remains a major grassroots,political activist who is trying to organize a 100,000 advocates in every congressional district in the United States in support of conservative issues such as a strong national defense, tax cuts, energy independence, defending the U.S. Constitution, restructuring Social Security and capping and cutting government spending. Now he is a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

Cain originally hinted at his intentions during the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference. At the time, he declared that there could very well be a dark horse candidate in the Republican race for the presidential nomination.

Now Herman Cain has formed a presidential exploratory committee.

Always passionate about the issues, after a double bout with cancer that Cain successfully defeated in April of 2010, hewas compelled to run for the White House because he felt that he had more work to do and more to accomplish and because of just how serious the issues we face are.

Cain knows that he is a longshot but he is still quite serious and the formation of an exploratory committee will allow him to test the waters before he gives up his work and resigns from every position he holds on several corporate boardsand gives up every column he writes and the talk show that he hosts every weekday.

The energetic, potential, candidate believes that a businessmans leadership is what we need and he feels that he has what it takes to lead us in the right direction. He is beginning the nomination process early because he claims that his biggest regret in his failed 2004 senate bid was that he didnt start early enough.

If Cain moves from exploratory committee to official campaign committee, he is sure to energize the debate, keep his fellow candidates on their tows, and build at least a small but strong base of support for himself.

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