Donald Trump Confirms His Presidential Aspirations

Trump Entertainment ResortsBookmark and Share Apprentice star and real estate mogul Donald Trump has publicly declared that he is seriously considering perusing the Republican nomination for President. Trump tells CNNs John King that many people have been urging him to go for it.

The Don states that in addition to the economic condition of the nation, his interest in politics has increased because he hates what’s happened to the country,” and what is going on in respect to how the United States is being taken advantage of by entities like OPEC and nations like China as well as other parts of the world.

According to entertainment reporter Jennifer Still, Trump may tie in a potential bid announcement with the season finale of the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice which goes on March 6th. He adds You can’t make a decision until that’s off, otherwise other people will have to be given two hours of prime time television,”

The lighthearted approach that Trump seems to have taken about the possibility of running for President and the prospects of his tying that possibly to the ratings of his scripted reality show leaves one wondering just how serious his public declaration is. It is also leaves one wondering just how serious one can take Donald Trump.

The addition of Donald Trump in to a crowded field of Republicans could prove to break up the monotony of the dialogue that often comes from polished politicians and the money he brings to the table could be the death knell to other serious but lesser known and less well financed candidates.

If Trump is seriously considering a run for President, more power to him. He may just have some refreshingly productive ideas to throw in to the mix and his ability to demonstrate his leadership abilities in the political arena should not be underestimated. However, if he is not serious about his intentions and merely performing for ratings, he would do us all a service by stopping his political performance before actually becoming an official candidate.

There are enough games being played in politics and serious issues deserve serious consideration, not tabloid teasers

Meanwhile America, hold on to your seats, the 2012 election is certainly going to be a bumpy ride. The addition of people like Donald Trump and possibly even Mike Bloomberg will just make it a lot more enjoyable.

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6 Responses

  1. This is from Trump and he said it two days ago

    If he manages to evict President Obama from pennsylvania Avenue, the first order of business will be getting tough with oil-producing nations and China.

    All these characters that are talking about projecting for the economy are wasting their time because every time the economy gets good they raise the oil prices, And mark my words: the economy can never be strong if OPEC is allowed to drain the blood out of us. So the first thing Id do is have a heart to heart talk with OPEC and it would not be a nice conversation.

    The second thing Id do is have a nice heart-to-heart talk with China. I would tax Chinese products in a nanosecond. And they will come to the table in less than a nanosecond.

    A poll

    An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 69 percent of Americans believe free trade agreements with other countries have cost jobs in the United States, while just 18 percent believe they have created jobs. A 53 percent majorityup from 46 percent three years ago and 30 percent in 1999believes that trade agreements have hurt the nation overall.

    Take what the Republican Trump said & Mix in the law.The Trade Act of 1974

    The act delegated significant power to the president to invoke measures to protect American industries from increased imports from other nations, whether or not injury was being caused by unfair trade practices.

    The acts primary importance lies in Title II, Section 201, which gives the PRESIDENT the authority to take actions to protect U.S. businesses from injury caused by increased quantities of imports, even though the increase in imports violates no ban on unfair trade practices.



    Article II of the U.S. Constitution has been interpreted to vest authority to conduct foreign policy in the president, but Article 8, Section 1 gives Congress the power to lay and collect duties and the power to regulate foreign commerce. Therefore the power to regulate trade with other nations must be delegated by Congress to the president.

    Section 301 expanded presidential authority to retaliate against trade practices by other nations that unfairly burden or restrict U.S. commerce, whether through high tariffs or through nontariff trade barriers. The president may suspend trade concessions, impose new higher tariff rates on a selective basis

    Impact of the Act

    Primarily because of Section 301, the Trade Act has been used more to open foreign markets to U.S. exports and investments than to protect American industries from unfair competition. Section 301 is a unilateral provision in U.S. law that can be invoked irrespective of any remedies available under the multilateral GATT or WTO.

    ***Although the United States has generally upheld its treaty obligations under the GATT, Section 301 actions or threats of action, despite at times creating resentment from U.S. trading partners, have been highly effective tools in negotiating trade concessions.*** A NANOSECOND HE SAYS

    If that Republican tycoon populist gets in the white house and chooses to do exactly what he says he will do congress cant do jack about it and he knows the law.

    The guy aint stupid, he can tap into the anti free trade populist theme, spend 300 million and be very commander and chiefish for those 69% of the American people who think free trade is a bad idea, we are enriching our enemies and America is getting the short stick.

    • america has always gotten the short end of the stick i dont see why people dont see that we have always freed other nations from dicktators and have always built the natio0n or country back up again and the tax payer paid the expense of it to be honest the american people are tired of it

  2. Dear Mr. Trump,

    I vaguely read what is written above and instead focused my energy and mind on you and what you mind truly believe. I don’t believe your ego is so inflated that you want to be president; but rather you want to imbue your vision of success on the United States and truly the world. You see a path to success that while is financially calculable; speaks to a greater success beyond industry and finance. You speak of a success of energies and spirit whereas a human being has a vision, pursues it and SUCCEEDS.

    I believe you feel defeating others is part of success in many forums; however destroying another to gain success is wrong and folly. You believe in honorable combat in war, finances and in conversation. You believe in the ancient laws of honor and justice; and thus I hope you will pursue a presidency with these laws of life in place. You can be successful but not at the cost of destroying another. Our greatest triumphs MUST stem from teaching our “enemies” and causing them to become our subjects, our “apprentices”, our teammates. I would hope through your vision of relentlessness and ingenuity we can prosper. However we cannot do it by injustice or dishonesty; rather we will win through brilliance, wisdom, and a desire to soar ahead into the future aloft a beacon of harmony and a desire to ascend to the stars. I believe this is the root of your vision Mr. Trump and am but a vessel to promote your vision in manner and on a path you are concerned to tread.

    Thank you.

  3. Yes, you should run for president and when you win I will be writing Mr. President, you will have the respect internationally of your position. There is NO ONE in the Republican party that anyone wants, I am being honest. No one wants the faces that we see running again and lost before, or the Sarah Palins and her want to be like Nickky Haley, not Newt Gingrich, he is same old politics and we seen it. The Republican party should be begging you to run and supporting you because you will not only have a strong support from the Republican party you will have Democrats and Independence voting for you. Your campaign slogan should be “Believe in America!” This has confidence like you hold and also value, you often state you believe in yourself and how you believe in our nation, that is what you need to base your campaign on, a believes in himself, believes in his country, but a great leader also has the people believe to and that is what you will do as President of the United States. Believe in our factories, believe in small business to create jobs, believe in American workers and our products, believe in the farmers, believe in our military, believe in education, believe in the American way. Donald Trump for President 2012. I believe!

  4. YES! Donald Trump should run. It has been many years since I have been excited about a presidential candidate. Mr Trump has the experience needed to run a country in this global business climate that we find ourselves in and the nerve and backbone necessary to accomplish what no president has done since Teddy Roosevelt. That is to show the world that we are a strong and dominant force in the world and not an apologetic scape goat and third world ATM machine.

  5. Mr. Trump, 5/2/2011
    I want you to win, this country needs a shake-up. Last election I hounded the R.N.C. and Carly Fedrina with ideas, no response. There are so many things that should be done. We need documentaries on how great this nation is. American exepcialism, how strong and resilient the American people are, echoing the ideas you are saying. What the growing Tea Party wants to hear.

    Reality shows like:
    “Executive Action” Where Americans propose and vote on ideas that will our country in the right direction. Why when an idea gets one million votes, with much fanfare the president is demanded to use his executive powers to make it law. We make it embarrassing to reject the will of our own people.

    Ideas like:
    A. US citizen drawn by lottery to speak 15 minutes before both houses, anytime in session. I dont care what they talk about gut this bridges the GOP between Voters and Lawmakers.
    B. Drill Drill Drill!!!!
    C. 100,000 tractors from our border south, with 10,000 DEA agents that are trained in trained in tractor repair! Those people dont want to leave home, they want money, Mexico could export something other then drugs and people.
    D. All road construction/ repair done at night, elevate traffic and save gas.

    Second show:
    “Lies, Liars, and Lying” How many direct lies have been told? Never before in our history has the president stood before America and intensely lied, with what I call ” The Rape of Journalism”. He gets away with it! A panel of experts, computers, universities historians ect. That will debunk, break down, and explain each lie told, and why! U might guess how many lies hes told, like jelly beans in a jar!

    My Solution for Oil Dependency:

    A. We have strategic oil reserves, 500 yr., 100 yr., ? 50 yr. Is enough!
    B. Tell Saudi Arabia/ cartel, That if they dont denounce terrorism, stop teaching it in their madrass, and begin to help those impoverished countries that surround them, using there enormous wealth they have received from the US! In thirty days we cut imports by half. If they do not comply in another thirty days, we turn the valve/ spiket off.
    C. Drill! Drill! Drill!, shale oil ect.


    You want to talk to China? Tell them to stop the production of illegal esudimediphins they export to Mexico! Which becomes 78 tons of methodphinmines that comes through the southern border of this country. While their FUCKING us economically they r poisoning our people, Stop this! Your not only a national hero, but you hit them with 25% tariff! India also supplies this illegal drug as they steal our jobs. Millions are hooked and its moving East!

    I dont apologize for my eloquence I am right and pissed off! Please call me Id love to meet with you.

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