Romney Fundraising Effort Focuses On the Economy and Government Growth

Bookmark and Share Through his Free and Strong America PAC, Mitt Romney sent out a fundraising letter that focuses on government growth and the economy. In it, he describes Washington as a job-killing beast

He writes;

Fortunately, we took the first step in slaying that job-killing beast by electing a Republican majority to the United States House of Representatives last November. But reclaiming majority control of the House is just the first step. We have more — a lot more –work to do to change Washington

Romney warns that we cannot let up on our efforts to reduce the size of our suffocating government. The letter reads;

“Heres why: By the end of this decade, federal, state, and local governments will make up more than 40% of the economy 40 percent.

Its unthinkable but if Washington doesnt fundamentally change, it will be inevitable, The government is strangling our economy now and will effectively kill it in ten years. If not before.

In addressing the problem Romney calls for a freeze on government employment and discretionary spending, ban earmarks, and extinguish ineffective, wasteful programs.”

The letter also goes on to say that while those efforts will help shrink the size of government, in order to get our economy moving in the right direction and help small business grow, he wants us to also:

  • Bring skyrocketing business taxes under control
  • Eliminate layers of ridiculous red tape
  • Stop Card Check and forced unionization of our private sector workforce; and
  • Implementing meaningful tort reform

Ever since Romney ended his 2008 race for the Republican presidential nomination, he has kept his supporters on a tight leash and work his lists of 2008 voters extensively. In all of his contacts with them, the former Governor has focused on the economy with laser-like precision. His latest letter is just another example of his aggressive attempt to tap into TEA Party sentiments and voter frustration with the economy. It is also a clear indication that Romney will be using his business experience to highlight his ability to manage our economy effectively and as a way of distinguishing himself from a field of fellow candidates with resumes that are compromised solely, if not mainly of government experience.

While Romney did spend four years garnering executive government experience as Governor of Massachusetts, most of his background is based in the private sector, where he has been an instrumental figure in making businesses grow.

Romney’s latest mailing also includedthe 2011 “membership cards” into his Free and Strong America PAC:

Front and Back of Romney's Free & Strong America PAC Membership Card

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