Huckabee To Lead Health Care Repeal Petition Drive

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In what he called, the most massive petition drive in the history of the country. , former Arkansas Governor and 2008 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee called Tuesday for Congress to repeal the health care laws passed last year by the Democrat led House and Senate and signed by President Obama. The repeal process is expected to move forward on Wednesday with the backing of the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Democrat Senate majority leader Harry Reid however has vowed to not even bring the House repeal bill to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

“We were told — and sold — everything except the truth about the details in the health care act, noted Huckabee on Tuesday. And then, despite a majority of Americans rejecting this massive change in public policy, Congress enacted it anyway. Thats not the way its supposed to work in our representative democracy. This massive 2,500-page piece of legislation went to the floor of the House without being read by pretty much anyone, was rammed down the throats of an unwilling public, was enacted in the middle of the night — and in the height of hypocrisy, exempted the president, the vice president, congressional leadership and committee staff from the bill that Americans didnt want.”

With a 2012 run in the near future, Huckabee seems to be drawing a line in the sand when it comes to the health care bill which has been a hot button topic since it was passed by the Democrat majorities last year. With the Democrats remaining in control of the Senate and repeal seeming unlikely a petition drive may be the way in that those who favor scrapping the laws need. Although it may not be an actual feasible means to force the Senate to address the issue it does have the power of public support behind it that can be used as ammunition in a possible Huckabee candidacy in 2012. Former New York Governor and potential 2012 candidate George Pataki also favors a petition drive for repeal. If the the petition drive gains steam and the Senate refuses to hear the House repeal bill, Huckabee could have a hand up in showing the people that he will be working for what they want in 2012.

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11 Responses

  1. this is the worst idea I have ever heard of. I am an american too and I want health care for all. I am furious with GOP

    • Well Lisa, as someone who is also an American, I think the worst compilation of ideas that I have ever heard are contained within the 2,400 pages of the purely partisan, liberal led and written Obamacare package, that took over a major portion of our frre market economy, took away states rights, and forces people to purchase what the government orders them too, while actually raising healthcare costs and placing our medical decisions in the hands of a corrupt federal bureaucracy. I am furious with, and offended by the liberal dominated Democrat Party which has chosen to write a bill that puts politics in control of my life and crafted a bill that they did not read, spent billions inorder to bribe fellow members to support, and produced a piece of legislation that is unconstitional and unenforceable. So before you direct your “fury” at Republicans, place the blame where it belongs……… the laps of the Democrats who were more concerned with being able to claim credit for passing healthcare reform than they were with producing healthcare reforms that actually worked.

    • Thank you for commenting Lisa, however if health care for all is what you are looking for, this bill is not what you think it is. This bill mandates the purchase of insurance by every American. It does not provide care. It boosts the coffers of insurance companies while raising costs to ensure coverage is met. In fact calling it a health care bill at all is a bit misleading. It is a mandate to purchase a product. It helps no one but the insurance companies who now no longer have to compete for your business because you have no choice but to buy it. It also removes decisions out of the hands of you and your doctor as the government now will decide what is and is not covered. As an American, my fury is pointed at the Democrats who passed this bill admittedly without reading it and who have attempted with it to skirt the Constitution and force citizens to purchase a product.

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  2. After doing some online research I have confirmed my suspicions. I am not the only person who believes their name was used WITHOUT permission on the Health Care Repeal Petition! I saw the commercial featuring Mike Huckabee urging citizens to call the number on the screen to support the repeal. I, like others, called to give my input as to why I DO NOT want it repealed! You wouldn’t want me to get into my health issues, which w/out insurance at all, go UNDIAGNOSED, UNTREATED, & UNRESOLVED! Anyway. After the recording of a man stating he’s Mike Huckabee, he asked if he can count on my support. Then silence that appears to be recording your response. I CLEARLY said NO! Now I’ve gotten repeated calls thanking me for helping repeal the health care reform and asking for donations to continue this fight. From what I understand if my name was used, that’s illegal! Mr. Huckabees office only asked for my phone number to stop the calls. He didn’t ask my name to disassociate me with this petition. I do want the calls to stop, but more importantly I want to be removed from anysuch petition! I am also on the Do Not Call Registry so they shouldn’t call anyway!

    To the commenter above: WHEN I had health care I was never in control of what was covered, neither was my Dr. Do you get to tell your provider what they’ll cover for you? Never had an insurance company do anything to compete for my business, even when I was actively TRYING to purchase insurance. Surprised? That’s right, I am not against PAYING for our ins. I don’t expect free health care, but have NEVER been able to afford the astronomical rates. Even before I lost my job my husband and I couldn’t provide that security for ourselves and child!

    • Brandy, if you think about it, you answered your own question when you wrote “I saw the commercial featuring Mike Huckabee urging
      citizens to call the number on the screen to support the repeal.” Let’s spell this out……… the number – on – the – screen – to – S-U-P-P-O-R-T – repeal. Not to oppose repeal. Now I know this may be hard to understand but you know jwhat? So is a 2,400 page bill that no one even read. That is juts one —-JUST ONE, reason why Obamacare must be repealed. Furthermore, you should understand that in a day of automatation and automated calls, your options are limited to the programs they are designed for. In this case the ad that you admit you saw, claims this was a number to call to register support, not opposition. Therefore it is assumed by law that in accordance with the instructions you read, repeated and wrote, a call to this number is asssumed to be one in support of repealing healthcare. The mistake was obviously yours. Now I have a question for you. If you could not even understand those simple instructions, do you honestly think you can support with any understanding of the real facts, a bill that is 2,400 pages long? You could not even understand the one simple phrase that said “call the number on the screen to support the repeal.” Sorry Brandy, but the leg you stand on is broken and healthcare wont fix it. Only education will.

    • I agree with you totally Kempite. Brandy, you called the number that was for those in support of the repeal as you yourself stated. By doing so you put your name on a supporters list (after all, it was a support number). Understand that a number for SUPPORT means exactly that and you, by your own admission, knew as much. Being on a Do Not Call List protects you from unsolicited sales calls. By calling the repeal support number you are now no longer considered unsolicited as you in fact called their support line. It actually scares me that people would actually believe that they have a case against something when the number was put on TV as a SUPPORT number. You called it admittedly knowing so. Sorry, but it’s not Mike Huckabee’s fault you were not taught the definition of the word “support” and it is not illegal for your name to be used as a supporter when you knowingly called a support line. What scares me even more is that the people such as yourself who support a bill that the Speaker of the House herself said ‘we won’t know what is in it until we pass it’ still argue that it is good when your own party admits they don’t actually know themselves.

  3. Rev. Huckabee, you should be ashamed for spreading all the lies about health care reform. My Bible teaches me not to lie and I had much admiration for you until you started this lie campaign. SHAME ON YOU!

    • A couple of things John – you cannot reach Governor Huckabee through this blog. Try Second I would challenge you to actually post the ‘lies’ that you are accusing the Governor of making. I have yet to find one falsehood that he has spoken in his repeal petition effort. If you have solid factual evidence to the contrary please enlighten us and I would caution you to not simply bring soundbites from pundits and politicians to the table but actual facts backed by solid evidence.

    • You must be reading the wrong Bible, and your watching the liberal news.

  4. Yes the health care “reform” package needs to be repealed. Uninsured Americans need REAL health care reform. They need affordable health insurance and the way to go about it isn’t the Mitt Romney plan writ large which is what Obamacare really is, forcing people who can’t afford insurance to buy junk plans from private insurers. Here’s a clue: If the 52 million uninsured could afford insurance they would have it already; they aren’t uninsured because they like to be different or rebels or something. How is mandating that they buy insurance going to fix anything? It’s no help to them but a dream come true to the private insurance companies. If you don’t believe me then believe the stock market. The stocks of health insurance companies increased significantly as soon as Wall Street received word that the “reform” bill passed. Since it’s a zero-sum game what does that tell you about who wins in this deal? The uninsured American? Or the health insurance industry?

    No, what this country needs is genuine health care reform, single-payer, socialized medicine. Does it make you proud that the U.S. is the only nation in the industrialized world that doesn’t guarantee affordable health care for its citizens? The difference is that out of the first-world countries America is the only one whose government is literally nothing more than the handmaiden of the big business elite. Hence “reform” bills like Obamacare which should more accurately be called the Health Insurance Company Profit Protection Act of 2010. This country won’t have affordable health care until the profit motive is removed entirely from the equation. Health care should not be a business but a public service. Everyone should pay a nominal fee, a percentage of their yearly salary, and when they need medical care or medicine they get something they can afford, not something that will drive them into bankruptcy or make them choose between food and medicine. Time to quit being so backwards and join the rest of the industrialized world America.

    Now cue the obligatory whining from the apologists for the billionaire ruling elite: “Wahhh wahhhhhh What about the big health insurance companies? Shouldn’t they be allowed to continue to get rich off of the average American’s misery? Shouldn’t their CEOs be able to afford a third and fourth yacht? Fairness and affordable health care is socialist or communist or evil or from Satan or something! We WANT to keep grandma going hungry so she can afford her overpriced blood pressure medication! Wahhhhhh!”

  5. Repeal Obama Care now it is totally unconstitutional and NOT the will of the people”WE THE PEOPLE”

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