Rep. Paul Ryan’s Star Rises Just in Time for the 2012 Presidential Race

Bookmark and Share After President Obama delivers his annual State of the Union address, Republicans will respond in a speech that they have chosen Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to deliver. Ryan was chosen due in large part to the emphasis that the GOP wants to place on the national economy and issues such as the growing federal budget, spending and the national debt, all issues which few elected officials are as qualified to address as Paul Ryan is.

In addition to being a fiscally responsible deficit hawk, Ryan is the new chairman of the House Budget Committee, a position that makes him one of the most powerful men in government today. For Republicans, choosing Paul Ryan to respond to the President’s address is a wise one. Ryan is passionate about economic issues, especially when it concerns, smaller government, less spending and paying off our debt. He is also a man who does more than just offer talking points and criticism. He is a man of action and idea. In 2010 he put forward his own economic roadmap for America, a plan which he stands behind and which the G.O.P. would also be wise to unite behind.

Giving Ryan the national spotlight by having him issue the response to the President, confirms that Ryan is not only qualified to address the fiscal issues that the G.O.P. wants to focus on, but that Ryan is also a figure that people can trust and whom can articulate the cause convincingly and effectively. These are qualities that one looks for in a President and Ryan’s possession of these qualities is one of the reason why he is included in White House 2012’s list of contenders.

It is why he has nearly 13,500 fans than one of Ryan’s fans created for Facebook on a Ryan For President Facebook page. In fact after Rep. Ryan went face to face with President Obama and sparred with him over Obamacare in 2010, many blogs and articles such as this one in Red State, touted the future presidency of Paul Ryan.

But the Congressman quickly tried to put such talk to rest. The Weekly Standard once reported that at a fundraiser in In July of 2010, when asked if there’s any chance he would run for president, he replied “No, no there isn’t,” and added “I want to be a normal person,”. He then went to say, “Other people can run for that thing.”and then, while pointing to one of his young children, said; “Other people can’t do this”.

In February of 2010, told a Wisconsin television program host, “I’ll give you as Shermanesque a quote as I can,” said Ryan. “I am not going to run for president. I’m just not going to do it. My head’s not that big, and my kids are too small.” He added I am young and am not going to be a career politician. The complete interview can be viewed here. Later that same week in a Real Clear Politics interview reasserted that position but he did state that he would not rule out a 2012 run for the United States Senate against Democrat incumbent Herb Kohl.

Such a run would probably be more realistic than a run for President by the 40 year old Congressman at the moment, but people still hold out hope for seeing him in the Oval Office and if not in the Oval Office, than at least on the ticket as Vice President. In fact, one website suggests such a thing with Chris Christie running at the top of the ticket and Ryan holding the number two slot.

But while hope and speculation about a Ryan run for the White House make their rounds, it is worth noting that a 2012 run for the senate or on the GOP presidential ticket, would cost him his critically influential role in Congress as the House Budget Committee chairman, a position that few are more up to than Ryan. As for who Paul Ryan does look towards when considering the presidency, the budget conscience Congressman points to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and says; “He would be a great president,” He told the Weekly Standard “He looks like your accountant, but that’s not so bad maybe.” That assessment is founded on Ryan’s focus on the budget and his faith in his own economic roadmap, a major consideration which led him to say; “Are there [other] people who right now know these issues, have the principles, have the courage of their convictions, and are willing and able to defend them? Nobody comes to my mind,” But he added that “any one of these guys” interested in running for president could get up to speed on the Road Map.

Presidential politics aside, for now, after announcing Ryan as the man who will give the GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union, Republicans should be pleased with the fact that our Party leadership is wise enough to acknowledge the fact that Congressman Ryan is the right man to take the lead on the budget and the economic issues facing us. And we should also be mindful that if Paul Ryan does indeed not participate in the 2012 presidential as a candidate himself, we should try to make sure that our ultimate nominee embraces Paul Ryan’s thinking and leadership on fiscal responsibility.

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5 Responses

  1. Daniels’ description of Paul Ryan made me laugh:

    He looks like your accountant, but thats not so bad maybe.

    Could Daniels really be talking about himself… maybe? 😉

    Ryan is a VP choice, at best. I totally agree with your last line… the GOP doesn’t have a better policy wonk in Congress. But Ryan voted for the bailouts and that leads me to seriously question whether he has the courage of his convictions.

  2. In 2012, I agree, Ryan could easily be on the ultimate nominee’s long or short list of VP options, but the presidency itself is out. As for the courage of his convictions, I am not sure if he voted for both TARP I and TARP II. The first TARP bailout was quite different from the second. It called for and succesfully saw that the money was paid back. TARP II had no such conditions. So I would want to verify where he stood on both. I will say this though. in my opinion, Ryuan is one of only a handful of federal legislators who I believe has ant corage of conviction at all.

    Thank you for your commentary and for reading White House 2012. I hope we can keep you coming back for more news, opinion, commentary and analysis.

  3. I don’t know if he voted for both TARP I and TARP II. He voted for at least one of them… and the automaker bailout. I’m being a bit tough on him here — but he must know that bailouts encourage future reckless behavior by business and finance because they will now act on the assumption that they will get bailed out again. In other words, if we have an even greater crisis next time, we have folks like Paul Ryan to thank. Id be a bit less concerned about the bailouts if the overall fiscal and monetary response wasnt the same policies that got us into this mess to begin with [ok, rant over]

  4. Paul Ryan for president………………now…please!

  5. Honestly at this point Obama is so bad just put Paul Ryan on the ballot and have him compete in a few of the debates and he would win. Forget all the money
    and campaign trail business. It’s a racket and the American people are tired of all the campaign promises they are a joke. How many campaign promises did Obama make and break. Too many to count. lies, lies and more lies.

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