Bachmann’s Speech In Iowa Sounded Like That of a Candidate for President

See the Video of Bachmann’s Entire Speech Below the Post

Bookmark and Share Michele Bachmanns recent high profile visit to Iowa to address a group called Iowans for Tax Relief, helped generate a slew of headlines suggesting that she was dipping her toes into the Republican presidential pool. Now in the wake of her Friday evening speech, it can be said that even though she assures reporters that her appearance in Iowa has nothing to do with personal ambitions” , it can also be said that she didnt sound like someone who wasnt running.

Bachmann claims that she is merely trying to insure that the right issues are addressed in 2012. As such, her impassioned speech to the fiscally conservative tax group did touch upon some of those issues. At one point, she warned the audience that the United States is like a ship steering itself directly in to the iceberg that we see ahead. She spoke of the need to get our fiscal house in order and to tackle specifics such as the repeal of Obamacare.

But the speech was one that was light on detail and heavy on imagery that was based on the story of Bachmanns Norwegian ancestors who risked it all to start a new life in America and helped build this nation up with nothing more than determination and a dream. Bachman declared they did not come here for the promise of a federal handout. They came here to live in this land of limitless opportunity.

She went on to say We are beneficiaries of their courage and I am determined to move the promise of America forward and warned the audience that it is her firm belief that America is under attack from a threat greater than ever before..a cloud of debt.

In what was a nearly 45 minute speech, the Congresswoman offered an historical foundation for what she called our self correcting country. She told those in attendance that they, are that self correcting country and that they, not the politicians are responsible our nations fate. The answer is not with our political figures, as Lincoln told us, it is with you. said Bachmann.

All of this boiled down to a point which called upon voters to focus on electing people who will help us reduce spending, pay off our debt, address the entitlement mentality and get our fiscal house in order by recapturing the spirit of our nations founders.

The address was compelling and spirited, laced with humor and a very personal touch that helped Bachmann connect with the voters in attendance. In the end, it was the type of speech that sounded very presidential. In fact, right out of the gate, Bachmanns introductory remarks sounded like those of a candidate. She started off by reinforcing her Iowa roots which were established in Waterloo where she was born and raised. At times her gushing praise of Iowans credited them with being the nicest, best looking and smartest people of all. She even went to lengths that practically belittled her current home state in front of the conservative Republican audience as she jokingly stated Weve produced a lot up in Minnesota. Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy, Walter Mondale, Paul Wellstone and even Al Franken. She continued But weve also given you Post-It Notes and Spam, so I guess it balances out.”

In the final analysis, whether her chances are realistic or not, Michele Bachmann’s foray into Iowa, left her foot in the door to a possible run in 2012 or maybe beyond. And from the reception that she received from those in attendance, it looked as though some Iowa Caucus goers would seriously consider caucusing for her if she did run.

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