Romney Leads in Latest Poll. Palin and Huckabee Follow Close Behind

Bookmark and Share A new national survey of likely Republican primary voters, taken by Rasmussen, gives former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney a slight but encouraging lead over other potential rivals for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.
  1. Mitt Romney -24%
  2. Sarah Palin -19%
  3. Mike Huckabee -17%.
  4. Newt Gingrich -11%
  5. Tim Pawlenty -6%
  6. Ron Paul -4%
  7. Mitch Daniels -3%
  8. Other -6%
  9. Undecided -10%

The poll was taken among a pool of Republican and Independents who are likely to vote in the Republican primaries and caucuses. According to Rasmussen, there is little if any differences of opinion about the candidates among women and female voters but of those who consider themselves a part of the TEA Party movement, Sarah Palin is preferred by 28%.

A further breakdown indicates that Romney is the preferred choice of 32% of those who consider themselves TEA Party members, and leads among married and unmarried primary voters. Among those who consider themselves very conservative, Romney, Palin and Huckabee are about evenly split, while those who are self-described as somewhat conservative and moderate/liberal, largely prefer Romney. Romney also leads among Protestants, Catholics and other religions, with the exception of evangelical Christians.Their preference is evenly split between Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin.

Another notable result of the poll is Ron Pauls low, single digit numbers. While Paul has a persistent, loyal band of followers, he continues to fail to broaden that base of support in a way that translates in to greater numbers at the voting booth.And if people like Palin run, as well as people like libertarian style former Republican New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, radio talk show host and Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain, along with several others, the same appealing message and thinking that Ron Paul offers may come from several different quarters and further hamper his ability to increase his base of support.

Meanwhile, Romney seems to have a slight advantage at the moment but it is an advantage that can quickly slip away if he does not sure up his conservative credentials and better connect with the TEA Party movement.

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