Tim Pawlenty: Coming Soon To a Theater Near You

Bookmark and Share In what can best be described as a trailer-like promo for an upcoming dramatic, new made for television mini-series, Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty premiers a new ad tonight in New Hampshire, at the Merrimac Republican County dinner.

I guess the effort helps gather name recognition but I am not quite sure how well. The ad certainly lacks any compelling reason to support him for the Republican presidential nomination and between its sharp screen cuts and dramatic musical score, you feel as though you are about to see a sneak preview of an action packed, thriller, full of intrigue and sinister plots akin to the screen adaptation of a best selling Tom Clancy novel.

Then suddenly, as the screen goes black, the words Former Governor of Minnesota-Tim Pawlenty slowly zoom in.

After all the build up, its actually disappointing to find out that that is what its all about.

The ad reminds me more of the trailer to HBOs mini-series documenting the life of John Adams than a presidentail campaign ad. See for yourself. In the final analysis, we’re talking about it, so I guess it has some value.

Here’s Tim Pawlenty

Here’s John Adams

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One Response

  1. It’s “Operation: Give Pawlenty Sizzle”

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