Barbour Keeps Republican Money From Going Anywhere Till He Decides If He is Running for President

Gov. Haley Barbour

Bookmark and Share Haley Barbour is apparently moving closer to a decision to run for President. Proof of this are recent reports confirming that the term limited Governor of Mississippi has been calling many wealthy Republican donors and big fundraisers and telling them not to get behind any presidential candidate until he has made a decision on whether or not he will run.

The move is one that puts the emerging G.O.P. presidential field in to a state of limbo of sorts.

While some like Mitt Romney have been quite successful at landing lucrative support of many financial bundlers, Barbours calls to those in the know, puts the forward momentum of Romney and others like Tim Pawlenty, to a bit of a halt. It also stymies the developing exploratory stages of the possible campaigns of John Thune, Newt Gingrich and maybe even Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

This is largely because Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is arguably one of the most influential politicians in the RepublicanParty today. Between his connections as a highly successful former RNC Chairman who saw Republicans take control of both legislative houses in 1994, his successful two terms as Governor of Mississippi and his recent victorious tenure as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, Haley Barbour is a legend of sorts in Republican politics. He is also owed a lot of favors by many of the Partys powerbrokers, and elected officials, including several Governors who he raised a lot of money for and either helped get elected or get reelected.

But favors and fear are not the only ties that many Republicans have to Haley Barbour. Respect and appreciation also play a large role in the loyalty and adoration that many have for him.

Barbour is genuine, has a loyalty streak of his own and is a man who knows how to get things done. This get er done attitude is what helped get the people of Mississippi through the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina after it destroyed the states Gulf Coast. It is the attitude and personality which has earned him the support of Democrats within his states legislature on tough budget cuts that allowed Barbour to achieve one the states first contemporary balanced budgets. Those who know Haley know that with him there are no pretenses. With him, what you see is what you get and while Haley is the first to admit he is not perfect and that he has made his fair share of mistakes, people who really know him, also know that he is proud of the fact that through his mistakes, he has learned valuable lessons that have made him a better man. Its all a part of being Haley Barbour, a man who turns negatives in to positives. Take for instance one of the biggest perceived negatives to his potential presidential candidacy. Many expect him to come under fire for being a highly successful former lobbyist. But when asked about it, Barbour tells people he is proud of his work as a lobbyist. He argues that that is what a President is suppose to do. Barbour explains, the President of the United States is suppose to be the chief lobbyist for the American people and their interests and then adds and I was a darn good lobbyist.

All of these things are just part of the reason why many have listened to Haley Barbour after he called them and asked them not to commit to a candidate for President until he has made a decision of his own.

But what if Haley doesnt run? If that happens, I suspect that he will still have some substantial sway in who those people support in his placepossibly even his close personal friend, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

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  1. […] has been unable to get a solid commitment, he has successfully persuaded those who are on the fence, not to endorse or give financial donations to other candidates too early. Barbour has suggested to these people that if he runs, he will win […]

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