draftricksantorum.com Founder Speaks To White House 2012

Bookmark and ShareIn an exclusive interview, draftricksantorum.com founder Thomas Schultz speaks to White House 2012 about his website and why Rick Santorum is his choice to be the next President of the United States:

WH2012: What brought about the inception of draftricksantorum.com?

Tom Schultz: I first considered making the website in July 2010. Rick had been actively campaigning for several candidates throughout Iowa and it was apparent that he may consider running for President in 2012. Why else would you campaign for candidates in Iowa? I’ve always had the utmost respect for Rick and I wanted to do something to help nudge him to run. However, I waited until after November so that it wouldn’t be a distraction to me while I was busy running my brother’s campaign.

WH2012: Knowing that Senator Santorum campaigned for your brother (Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz), did you have the opportunity to speak with him personally regarding his Presidential aspirations?

Tom Schultz: I never spoke with Senator Santorum regarding his presidential aspirations. Anything I have done after November 2010 is completely independent of my brother. My brother is completely neutral in the 2012 presidential race and is still weighing whether or not he will even get involved. During his election he received endorsements and financial support from three potential presidential candidates: Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, and Mitt Romney.

WH2012: There will potentially be a very large field of GOP candidates vying for the upcoming 2012 nomination. Why Rick Santorum?

Tom Schultz: After taking into consideration each candidate’s ideologies and characteristics, I chose to support Rick for a few reasons:
1. Rick has proven his conservative credentials. He is one of few politicians that is willing to say and do what is right, even when it is not popular.
2. Rick is the one candidate that has the audacity to address the cultural issues that so many politicians avoid.
3. Rick’s understanding of foreign policy issues is one of the best in the potential field of candidates. He is the one candidate who regularly talks about these issues.
Rick is an underdog candidate that is going to make a large impact on the presidential race. He will exceed expectations and this momentum will help separate him from the rest of the field of GOP candidates.

WH2012: With many high profile names possibly making runs at the nomination, what role do you feel your website will play in getting Rick Santorum’s name out and more widely recognized on a national level?

Tom Schultz: One of the key obstacles that Rick Santorum must overcome is low name identification. I intend to focus the majority of my efforts in the early caucus and primary states: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada. In my opinion, the value of this website will be in identifying activists in those early states that support Rick. These states are clearly the most important players in the race at this time. By managing a grassroots organization of online activists in these states, it will be the most efficient way for this website to raise his name identification where it matters.

WH2012: If he makes an official announcement in the future will we be seeing Draft Rick Santorum .com evolving into Elect Rick Santorum .com?

Tom Schultz: Only if taking that action will bring the highest ROI to his campaign out of the things I have the ability to do. This will entirely depend upon my analysis when that time arrives.

I would personally like to thank Mr. Schultz for taking time to grant WH2012 this look inside at draftricksantorum.com. For more information on Rick Santorum or to donate to his America’s Foundation PAC please visit www.draftricksantorum.com

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