Can Pawlenty Inspire Evangelicals? See Him Try On Live Streaming Video Tonight

Bookmark and Share The Family Leader Christian organization led by Bob VanderPlaats will host former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty this evening, as he addresses the group in its presidential election series.

The Sioux City Journal will stream live video of the speech from Dordt College in Sioux City. The simulcast begins at 7:15 PM CST.

The Pawlenty speech comes on the heels of critical remarks about him from the public policy President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Richard Land. Land said of the former Governor;

“He’s a really nice guy. But he doesn’t move crowds the way some others do. It’s been my experience charisma is something that, you know it when you see it. Michele Bachmann’s got it. Huckabee’s got it. … Obama’s got it. Bill Clinton’s got it.”

“They’re [evangelicals] not going to nominate someone who they think can’t beat Barack Obama,” said Land.

“They’re going to want the strongest pro-life, pro-family candidate … who’s strong on defense. They want a candidate who is an economic conservative.”

The critique is one that lays out for Pawlenty, a challenge to meet and the Family Leader forum is the type of event where can Tim can either live up to the challenge or prove Richard Land right.

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