CPAC 2011: Paul Ryan’s Speech at CPAC

Bookmark and Share At CPACtoday, Paul Ryan issued a refreshing view of conservativismas it applies tofiscal responsibility. His speech was amiable but sharp. He began by reminding us that “the path to prosperity is not through solar shingles on a high-speed train. It is through releasing individual freedom”.

One of the sharpest points in the speech came when Ryan said;

“The size of the budget is a symptom of deeper causes and it points to different ideas about government. We basically need to ask ourselves what should government be doing? What sort of people do we want to be? What kind of character do we want our children and grandchildren to have?

The answer to this question dictates the size of government.

If you believe government should be doing more to solve every social problem, you can not also believe in limited government”

In its entirety, Ryan’s speech was an accurate view of how our nation needs to approach our federal spending habits and applying the essentials of freedom to our people and their free market system.

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3 Responses

  1. Powerful speech, thanks for sharing! I especially liked this line: If you believe government should be doing more to solve every social problem, you can not also believe in limited government

    But Republicans also have their share of social problems they want to see government solve. Theres the War on Drugs, for example. And Bushs policy of bringing social change overseas to Islamic countries. I wonder if Paul Ryan really believes in the logical conclusions that can be drawn from his speech?

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  3. Paul Ryan can talk or he has a great speech writer but he is a hypocrite. For him to state that prosperty comes “through releasing individual “. That comes from a guy that voted to interfere in business and the lives of individuals. He voted for all the bailouts and you can only bail others out if you tax others to do so. That’s hardly freedom. Further he voted for the Patriot Act which is an invasion of privacy and not very freedom like.

    Here’s an article that highlights this guys hypocracy.

    I agree with you in that Ryan is giving great speeches but he doesn’t walk his talk. He approved every budget deficit while Bush was in office, extended Medicare, etc. etc.

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