Herman Cain’s CPAC Speech

Bookmark and Share In what was the closing speech of Fridays CPAC day session, Herman Cain fired up and inspired the troops with what could only be described as one of the most powerful, engaging, and entertaining speeches given yet at the A.C.U.s 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference.

With poetic prose, creative alliteration, a booming voice and a mix of religious fervor and down to earth, homey lingo, Herman Cain appealed to the moral character and common sense of us all. His delivery was far from timid and often amusing.

Cain warned us of what he called “the attack of the ations”.legislation, regulation and taxation. He used what he called health deform legislation as on example of the legislation attack. Then he cited the cost to small businesses for every single employee they hire as an example of the regulation attack. That cost? $10,000 per employee. His final of the 3 “ataions” was taxation. That he said was based on a current tax system that we must throw out. Adding Isnt that what you do when you mess up a cake?

Cain also informed the audience that Liberals have no strategy. They only have tactics, tactics that he described as S-I-N. He explained their tactics are Shift the subject, Ignore the facts, and Name call.

There were many gems offered by the skilled orator and now former conservative radio host, but in his conclusion, Cain outlined 3 things we must do to save this nation.

One; Stay informed. Cain said Stupid people are ruining America. He added; So you must become teachers and educators of the stupid.

Two; Stay involved. According to Cain, too many people stayed home in 2008 because we did not have the perfect candidate. Cain suggested that no candidate will ever be perfect and that if you can find one you agree with on 7 out of 10 things, youve hit a homerun.

The third thing he suggested we must do is stay inspired, because they want you to believe we cant take back our government.

You will be missing one heck of a performance if you do not listen to Herman Cains. It will have you saying, hey maybe this guy actually has a shot at becoming President

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