John Thune’s Powerful Speech at CPAC

Bookmark and Share South Dakota Senator John Thune came before an energetic crowd of CPAC Republicans and delivered a potent address which called upon our nation and its leaders to confront hard choices which require us to make decisions.Thunes energetic sermon hit upon jobs, the budget, energy, national security, values, spending, the need for terrorists to be tried in military courts and stopping the growth of government. Thune described President Obama as a man who doesnt understand that success in America is not what our government can do for us, but what Americans can achieve. At one point when Senator Thune reflected upon a conversation with his wife Kimberly after his 524 vote loss in the 2002 senate race, he said something which sounded like it could be an indication that he will actually run for President. He said that in reflecting upon his 2002 loss, his wife hit on something which resonated with him. The point was that we have to be in the race. Of course he also said that we must be in the arena and essentially fight the good fight. So the reference to having to be in the race could have been a metaphorical one. But that conclusion is for you to decide when you hear for himself how he said it.Thune’s speech was one which showed the great promise that he possesses as a candidate, a legislator, and a leader. If he were to run for President, a decision he has said he will make at the end of this month, the combination of his skill, his record, his lack of baggage and the freshness of his face on the national stage, will make him a formidable candidate and easily a popular alternative for those voters who are not to excited about any of the names being considered for the Republican presidential nomination. All that he would need to become an and surprising front runner is money. If he can raise big bucks, he can make a big dent in the Republican nomination process.

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