CPAC 2011: Mitch Daniels’ Speech at CPAC from White House 2012

Bookmark and Share At CPACs dinner commemorating the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagans birth, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was the featured speaker and after an entertaining introduction by esteemed political analyst and columnist George Will, Governor Daniels offered an assessment of Americas priorities that was interspersed with an intellectual dry wit that provided for a mix of humor and vision that demonstrated why many hope he runs for President.

His speech avoided the preaching of morals on social issues but at the same time made clear that our nations number one moral priority and imperative concern must be the squandering of our future on spending more money than we have. Daniels spoke of generations long since removed from the most recent which slaved and saved for those recent generations which have squandered yesterdays wealth to the detriment of tomorrows future. The Governor called todays great Red menace, the red ink of the debt that we are awash in.

He addressed the ideological divide which pits more government against less government and held up his state as a model for all others. He spoke of his states lowest per capita rate of government employees and its budget surpluses which have prompted him to propose to his legislature a bill that would return or stop taking collecting tax dollars from its citizens whenever Indiana reaches a certain level of savings. According to Daniels, the purpose of government is not suppose to take therefore when its essential services are covered, it is time to allow the people to keep their money, not for government to take more of it. He added that such money is much better spent by the people who earn it, than by burning a whole in politicians pockets.

At one point Governor Daniels pointed to three major areas to tackle in our future efforts. He said that as Bill Simon once said, he believes that our tax code should look like it was created on purpose and he suggested that the flatter the tax we have, the better. Daniels also called upon us to attack the problematic existence overregulation. As an example he offered up his own name for the Environmental Protection Agency ..the Employment Prevention Agency. And finally, Mitch Daniels said we must treat domestic energy as the necessity that it is and deal with it as the job creator it could be.

Daniels approximately 30 minute speech succeeded to show critics who claim that he is bland, and lacking of personality, that they are wrong. While Mitch Daniels is understated, he should not be underestimated. In his address what he may lack in flashiness, he more than compensated with intellectual wit and a convincing understanding of the problems that face our nation. For me, what Daniels may lack on excitement, he more than makes up for in a level of intelligence, sincerity, and even handedness that exudes the type of steady, experienced and confident leadership that Americans are looking for during this time of great doubt and economic instability.

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