Barbour at CPAC: How Can a White Man From Missisippi Beat the First Black President?

Bookmark and Share Hat tip to Warner Todd Huston at Publius Forum for his one on one interview with Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour at the 2011 CPAC gathering in D.C..

In the interview Governor Barbour says he is seriously considering a run for President, but that he is also equally as serious when he says that he has not yet made the decision. Barbour discusses how many personal family factors as well as political factors must be carefully considered and he expects to reach his decision in April.

The big question asked by Huston in his scoop is“how can a white man from Mississippi beat the first black president?” For Barbour’s answer, since it was Huston who got the chance to ask the question, I will refer you to his site, Publius Forum, and his video for the answer.

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