White House 2012 Poll Has Paul Winning CPAC Straw Poll

Bookmark and ShareAccording to a poll of White House 2012 readers, Ron Paul is predicted to be a favorite among the conservative conferencevoters in the CPAC 2011 Straw Poll. But the prediction of the White House 2012 is that it will be close withMitt Romney not far behind. Paul pulls ahead of Romney with a 2.22% lead. 22.96% for Paul to Romney’s 20.74%.

In a relatively strong showing, White House 2011 survey participants predict CPAC voters will place Mitch Daniels in third place with 11.11%of their vote, followed by Newt Gingrich in 5th place and Herman Cain in 6th place.

The poll askedreaders;

Of the potential candidates on this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference ballot, who do you expect to be the winner of the CPAC Straw Poll?

CPAC is expected to release the results of their actual straw poll on Saturday, February 12 at 5:15 PM EST.

But while we to seee how accurate White House 2012readers werein their prediction, WH2012 has another question for you.

Do you think Sarah Palin will run for President?

Take this week’sWhite House 2012 pollhere and tell us if you think will actually run, not run, or run but as a Third Party candidate?

Poll closes Sunday, February 20th, 2011 at 12;00 PM EST.

For results of previous White House 2012 polls visit here

One Response

  1. It’s hard to see anyone other than Mitt or Ron winning this one.

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