Tim Pawlenty Stands With Scott Walker

Bookmark and Share Today former Governor Tim Pawlenty has released a 60 second YouTube ad which ends with theGovernor stating the importance of standing with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin in the battle with unions. The ad is a fast paced montage of clips from Fox News and CNN commentaries which speaks of how the DNC and even President Obamas front group, Organizing for America, are in large part, behind the protests and how it does not look good that President Obama was arguing for democracy in Cairo but does not do so in Wisconsin.

Other clips show how some of the protesters in Wisconsin dont even know why they are there.

The lastscene of the ad is a call to sign the Standing With Scott petition at StandingWithScott.com, a petition platform started by Pawlenty and sponsored by his America First PAC.

Both the YouTube ad and the petition gimmick are smart tactical, targeting tools aimed at the Republican base which Pawlenty will need support from if he is to go far in the Republican presidential nominating contest. If Pawlenty were to play this ad on television in Iowa and New Hampshire it would go along way in setting the foundation for that goal.

So far, no matter what impressions one might have of Tim Pawlenty, he is doing things right. Even though he is not a declared candidate for President yet, which is another tactical decision, Pawlenty is on top of the issues of the day and successfully exploiting them among the voters he will need in the Republican primaries and caucuses. His ads use the type of fast screen cuts and tones of drama which are common in contemporary media and convey imagery which appeals to younger voters while still conveying a message that appeals to conservatives of all ages. To date, it must be said that Pawlenty is definitely winning the race leading up to the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. This ad is just another indication of that.

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