Haley Barbour Reverses Course on “General-Gate” Plate Issue

Bookmark and ShareAs previously addressed in a post here, Governor Haley Barbour was not looking very presidential when he reportedly supported a proposal for Mississippi license that commemorated Confederate war generals. Among those would have been Bedford Forrest a native of Tennessee, who orchestrated the massacre of blacks at Fort Pillow in Tennessee, was a known slave trader, and connected to the early origins of the Klu Klux Klan.

At the time we suggested that if Haley Barbour was running for President, his support of this proposal was a sign that he was being ill-advised. When the NAACP approached the Governor objecting this proposal, he initially told them that he does not go around objecting to people.

Now Governor Barbour has reversed course and told the Associated Press;

The bureaucracy denied it, the legislature won’t pass it and if the legislature passes it, it won’t become law because I won’t sign it.”

It is early enough in the game to eventually write this incident off as a forgotten brouhaha but the problem is becoming that will there be too many brouhahas over the issue of race for them to be collectively written off and not play a role in a potential campaign. By my account this is the Governor’s third recent strike on racial sensitivities. He’s not out but he is on the roped but on this issues, right now he’s on the ropes.

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