Trump Organization Testing Iowa’s Presidential Waters

Bookmark and Share Michael Cohen, a vice president of the Trump Organization, and a cofounder of Should Trump Run, has told The Associated Press that he will be flying to Des Moines, Iowa, on Monday, March 7th. The excursion is intended specifically for the purpose of meeting with Republican legislators, staffers and grass root activists.

According to Cohen;

“I’ll be gauging the reception I feel he would have when he comes to Iowa.”

Donald Trump has himself recently stated that he will campaign hard in Iowa if he decides to run. He has also made clear that if he does have a go at the Oval Office, he will undoubtedly do so as a Republican. According to Trump, the decision to run or not will come in June of this year.

If Trump runs it is my hope that he does so sincerely and not for ratings. If he is serious, he could be a breath of fresh air that is responsible for a truly beneficial discussion on important issues such as the federal budget, its process, trade, employment and running an efficient government that wastes not and wants not. I tend to believe that if Trump does run, he will have a hard go at it. Even though he will begin with an advantageous level of name recognition and have the added boost of being a political outsider, I hate to say that Trump’s mouth will probably trip him up with the help of a very aggressive press that will be more than willing to help him fail.

In politics, even though it may come in handy, saying “You’re fired” is not the end of things as it is on his show, The Apprentice. Government and government politics, unfortunately or not, is by its very nature not a business and while many believe they want a President who runs the nation like a CEO, to actually have one that operates like that would eventually become an image nightmare that would lead to a disastrous Administration that becomes crippled by its inability to work with the other branches of government.

Washington, D.C. may be plastic, but it is not Hollywood. In D.C., despite the bright lights and pomp and circumstance of officialdom, it is not Tinsel Town where the ugly scenes can simply end up on the editing room floor and swept under the carpet. In Washington, the cameras do more than add ten pounds to you and follow you around in scripted reality shows. Here they show you unrehearsed and live and every word you speak is measured not in Nielsen ratings but in votes.

Donald Trump could indeed be a breath of fresh air but he will have to be quite serious and realize the difference between a program director and apolitical director.

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