The Republican Veepstatkes…. Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Bookmark and Share Roll Call recently rolled out its list of 14 members of Congress who will be in the running for the Republican presidential veepstakes. The article has been getting a lot of play from other media outlets, so not wanting to be left out of the discussion, White House 2012 adds its own two cents on the topic (and believe me, thats all the money WH12 has).White House 2012 has been trying to overcome the temptation to start thinking about running mates at the bottom of the G.O.P. presidential ticket when we are still not sure of who is or isnt running at the top of the ticket. But that did not stop us from setting a Vice Presidential Contenders page back in November of 2011. It also has not stopped us from listing some names that we believe will be in the long list of whomever the presidential nominee ultimately is. From my perspective, there are some shinning stars that have qualities and benefits that are so generic and all encompassing, that regardless of who Republicans choose at the top of the ticket, they will in one or another strengthen the chances of winning in the general election. They are names which would be solid choices that compensate for general Party weaknesses.

The first three names on our list include Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno. Visit here to see why.

As for Roll Calls list of Congressional Republicans that will be in the running for Vice President, White House 2012 concurs with many of the names they put forward. In fact many of the names Roll Call throws out exist as people who were at one time another Contenders for the presidential nomination. They include John Thune, Marco Rubio, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint.

Other names which Roll Call consider early veepstake candidates include New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Massachusetts Sen.

Scott Brown, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, South Dakota Rep. Kristi Noem, Texas and perennial presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and Pennsylvania Sen. Pat ToomeyOf those names, the ones likely to make to WH12s list of vice presidential contenders is Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, and Rob Portman. Each of these three would be highly acceptable among the TEA Party while at some point also offering the G.O.P. base things to be enthusiastic about. That is especially the case with Rob Portman who is unknown by the casual political observer, is an asset on matters such as the budget and the economy, two issues which are widely expected to still be in the forefront of the 2012 elections. Each of these three also come from swing states that will or may be critical in adding up to the 270 electoral votes needed to be elected President. Even though it has 4 electoral votes, that goes for Kelly Ayottes New Hampshire as well as Ron Johnsons Wisconsin and Portmans critical Ohio. Republicans lost New Hampshire to Obama in 2012 and if there are several close election models which could allow as few as 4 electoral votes to make the difference between winning and losing.

As for Ron Paul, while he would certainly be able to fire up a portion of the electorate which Republicans have no chance in ever motivating to them, it would have to take a pretty overly confident presidential nominee to pick him as their running mate. Paul would be a bold choice but at 75 and with a record that could easily be painted as outrageously extreme, he is not likely to be on any long or short list.

As for Kristi Noem, I totally disagree with the possibility of her being considered for VP in 2012. While Noem is intelligent and promising, she is also tarred by a colorful past filled with numerous speeding tickets which a sense of being above the law, allowed to go unpaid until warrants were out for her. Unfortunately, I believe Kristi would be too easy a target to poke fun at and provide too much fodder for the opposition.

The other name on Roll Calls list which WH12 thinks is unlikely to become Vice President in 2012 is Pennsylvanias Pat Toomey. Toomey would actually be a superb running mate and he is from an important swing state with a lot of electoral votes. But Toomey. He is also quite capable of being President if the need arose. But what Toomey has, others that are more popular and bring more regional appeal, have too. But Toomey can easily make it on any presidential candidates long list.

In the end, many factors will play a role in deciding who the Republican vice presidential nominee will be. Depending on who the presidential nominee is, even such things as vanity could play a role. For instance, if the nominee is not necessarily a particularly charismatic figure, they might be afraid of being overshadowed by stars such as Marco Rubio. But no matter what there are some names that even at this early juncture in the evolving Republican presidential campaign, cant be denied consideration for Vice President when the time comes.

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