Romney Gets One of 2012’s First Endorsements

Bookmark and Share While Haley Barbour meets with Nevada Republicans about his presidential campaign, Mitt Romney gets the endorsement of Nevada Congressman Joe Heck

Although Mitt Romney has not officially launched his second bid for the Republican presidential nomination, he has begun to collect endorsements. On the very day that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, traveled to Nevada to meet with Governor Brian Sandoval and Nevada Republican Party officials about his own potential and likely presidential candidacy, newly elected Republican Congressman Joe Heck announced that if Romney runs, he will be supporting him for President.

The Heck endorsement is an example of the benefits gained by all the time and money Romney spent to elect Republicans in the 2010 midterm elections. Heck, a former Nevada State Senator was one those candidates who Romney took the time to aggressively campaign for while also making financial contributions to his campaign. The effort paid off when he defeated incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Dina Titus in November.

Romney won the Nevada Republican presidential caucus in 2008. But it was an uncontested victory that saw none of the other candidates even try to campaign in the state. Part of the reason for that was the fact that in 2008, Nevada’s early caucus was essentially a beauty contests with nonbinding results. In 2012, Nevada’s caucus will be a winner-take-all, binding election that will allow the winner to lay claim to 23 delegates. But even more than the relatively meager number of delegates that Nevada sends to the Republican National Convention, is the timing of the caucus. While the primary and caucus is still in flux, Nevada is on schedule to be third nominating contest in the nation. As such, if Romney wins the New Hampshire primary that precedes Nevada, a back-to-back win in the Nevada caucuses could provide Romney with some psychological momentum and solidify his standing as a frontrunner.

The only other notable public backing of any contender for the Republican presidential nomination came from Georgia Governor Nathan Deal who back in January reportedly claimed that he will support his friend, former Speaker of the House, and Representative from Georgia, Newt Gingrich. Gingrich strongly campaigned for Deal in his race for Governor of Georgia.

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