Rand Paul, the Comedian

Bookmark and Share At a recent correspondenceDinner, newly elected Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tried to be funny by joking around about Fox News and Newt Gingrich. Unfortunately, for the freshman Senator, he proved that he needs to focus on his day job and leave the comedy to those with a sense of humor.

In Rand’s zest for typical Paul family isolationism, he tries to mock Gingrich for having more positions on Libya than he does ex-wives and tries to paint Fox News as apathetically partisan, war mongeringcable network.

Personally, while I am less offended by the good-naturedjab at Gingrich than I am at the desire to play in liberalhands by paintingFOx as the network with a bias problem, I am not at all pleased with Rand Paul. Perhapsnext time around, Rand might want to try to runon the TEA Party line and not on the Republican which he rode to victory in 2010. Or maybe Rand should just try to spend more timetrying to create persuasive arguments for his own positions than trying tomock others who would help him apply his message to the governance of the United States.

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