Monday Mornings with Trump. As Trump Prepares to Run for President, Fox Makes Him A Weekly Guest

Bookmark and Share While Fox news contributors like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santroum are being suspended until their presidential campaigns are over, Donald Trump who is seemingly begun to run his own campaign for President, is joining the Fox News team but not as a a guest. Trump will be appearing regularly on Monday mornings during a segment being billed as Monday Mornings with Trump.

FEC rules prohibit presidential candidates from having paid ties to media outlets which give them ink or air time that is not regulated by campaign election laws. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum recently had to suspend their ties to Fox because they were paid contributors. Thats not the case with Trump who will not be receiving any financial money from Fox. According to a Fox spokesperson, that fact will allow The Donald to keep appearing on his segment even if he becomes a declared candidate for President.

It is my experience that such is not the case though. Although Trump would not being getting paid, his regular segment still provides him with regular airtime. That means a regularly scheduled opportunity for free air time. This amounts to an in-kind contribution and such campaign contributions from any one entity are limited by election law which define in-kind contributions as “contributions other than cash.

So if this segment continues after Trump declares a candidacy for President, you can bet that someone will be filing a complaint with the FEC and the FCC.

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