In order for someone to win, someone has to lose and thankfully, history is filled with Democrats who are losers. This week, WH12 offers you a crossword puzzle that is based on a handful of those names.

#5: They Also Ran

Democrat Presidential Nominees Who Lost the presidential election

Use last names only


1. FDR was his running mate in 1920

2. He voted for the war before he voted against it

4. Im fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.

7. This Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals resigned from the bench to lose to Teddy Roosevelt

8. He had the misfortune of running against Eisenhower, not once, but twice

10.- Willie Horton hurt him big time

12.- He was known in the Senate as the Happy Warrior



1. In 1888, he won but he lost

3. A hero of the battle of Gettysburg who was later directed to supervise the executions of Lincolns assassins

5. -This candidate won 43.82% of the popular vote but won zero electoral votes

6. -Three times he tried and three times he lost

9. Hoover trounced this New York Governor

13.- He lost by one electoral vote and what many called the corrupt bargain

Click Here For the Answers

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