Republican Election News: A Morning News Roundup for Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Experienced & trusted GOP consultant Mike Murphy offers an excellent & amusing analysis of the Republican presidential contenders

Newt At Ease in New Hampshire

The Republican presidential candidate’s credit score competition

Tim Pawlenty does tough interview for Nevada voters

Can an electable Conservative still get elected

Mitch Daniels OKs teacher’s collective bargaining limits

China’s Vice President praises Jon Huntsman

Herman Cain emerges in local presidential straw poll

Iowa Caucus: Who is Roy Moore and can he win

New Hampshire poll has Romney ahead of Obama

Republican Action Alert: Send your letter calling for the resignation of University of Iowa Prof. Ellen Lewin

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2 Responses

  1. Re: Prof. Lewin

    Boycott bad ideas and speech with better ideas and speech. Resist the ‘victimization” response of demanding Prof. Lewin’s resignation for exercising her 1st Amendment rights.

    It is appropriate to contact the University and Board of Governors, if you are an Iowa resident, and express your concern over her clearly biased views in publicly funded classrooms. Then file her name and outburst for use at a later time when the character and nature of leftists’ come into question, then it can be used in a meaningful way.

    Again, don’t play the left’s game; respect everyone’s rights even if they clearly demonstrate they are boors.

    • This is not a free speech issue. On her own time and dime, Prof. Lewin has a right and even a responsibility to stand up for her beleifs. The issue here is, how long should we tolerate the hypocrisy of the left? How long should we sit by idly and allow a liberal double standard to be applied to political debate?

      Furthermore; the right to an opinion on this matter is no more limited to the residents of Iowa, than it is to the county in Iowa which the University of Iowa is located. The right to an opinion on this matter is no less than the right that a supporter of a presidential candidate from another state has to particpate in the campaign process leading up to the Iowa Caucuses.

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