So You Think Republicans Have No One to Be Enthusiastic About?

Bookmark and Share There is much written lately in the media about the still developing Republican presidential field. Most of it is negative. They run with headlines like Poll: GOP‘s 2012 Contenders Unknown, Unloved, “Poll Finds Few Favorites as G.O.P. Fight for President Gels”, and Obama Leads All Republican Opponents. Countless negative reports help create the impression of a Republican field of presidential contenders that are going nowhere and will leave the G.O.P. helplessly relegated todefeat by President Obama in 2012. But such an impression is misleading and plain wrong.

While it is true that there exists no one star that Republicans want to hang their hats on as of yet, it is also true that at this point in time most Americans are not even thinking about it. The false impression about the Republican presidential field that is being created or being implied by the mainstream media is akin to suggesting that since most Americans still cant decide who to bet on in the Kentucky Derby, there is no horse that can possibly attract thousands to Churchill Downs and millions more to view it on television.

Few Americans knew the name Secretariat until that legendary racing horse won the Kentucky Derby. Even more came to know the name after he won the Preakness and then finally, the world came to know Secretariat when he won the Triple Crown with a win at the Belmont Stakes. It will be the same for the eventual Republican presidential nominee after Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina hold their nominating contests. By the time those caucuses and primaries are over, several names will be well known and some of them will be well liked. And by the time there is a Republican presidential nominee, the world will know the name of that person and a level of enthusiasm for that person will reach a fevered pitch.

Those who do not believe that, are simply ignoring history and are incredibly nave about the emerging field of Republican presidential candidates. Many of the most certain names to run for the nomination are among some of the most qualified people that any Party could have seek their nomination. And as each one publicizes their records, more and more Americans will begin to flock to one or the other candidate. The presidential nomination process is one that by its very nature, slowly builds momentum. It is a process of determining who we should be enthusiastic about by proving themselves worthy.

At the moment, with that process having not yet begun, no one has proven themselves yet. But rest assured, the G.O.P. will have a nominee that will be more than capable of inspiring millions, dissecting President Obamas record and demonstrating that America is on the wrong track.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that Republicans have no one to take on President Obama, remind them about a little s0mething called history and then ask them to review all the possible candidates for the Republican nomination here. What they will find are highly qualified, highly accomplished leaders who each have more experience than President Obama did prior to his becoming President.

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