Osama bin Laden Dead! Thank You…No Matter What Party You’re In

Bookmark and Share White House 2012 is a blog that is openly partisan in nature. It is meant to cover the 2012 Republican presidential nomination contest and the general election from the Republican point of view. Its coverage and analysis is meant to address the means by which the G.O.P. can nominate a candidate who best represents the conservative ideology and can best apply that ideology to the practical application of government. But there are times when partisan politics must be brushed aside to allow for a united celebration of special moments in our United States, the nation that we have our political debates for. Today is such a time.

With the late Sunday evening pronouncement of the death of Osama Bin Laden by our President, we have come to realize that a slow but earnest pursuit of justice has been finally carried out. And while the men and women who have served in the still ongoing war against Al Qada warrant our eternal gratitude for their selfless efforts, we must also credit the national intelligence operatives who made it possible for our military to do their job. And we must also offer just praise and thanks to our President, President Barack Obama. No matter what, President Obama made the final decision that permitted our military to take advantage of the opportunity to bring Usama bin Laden to justice.

If critics of the President hope to be seen as having reasonable opinions, they must be willing to admit when a job is well done and in this case, President Obama deserves credits for a job well done. Had this particular operation gone wrong and been found out, President Obama would be taking a great deal of blame, so it is only right that he get credit, or at least have the chance to share the credit with those who carried out the mission and made it possible.

Osama bin Laden has been responsible for one of the darkest chapters in our nations history and while the story is far from over, he has been removed from it. For me personally, I am ecstatic. The events of 9/11 are ingrained in my mind and on my heart. Few people have inspired the type of open contempt from me and others that bin Laden did. So it should come as no shock when I say that for so many of us, few bullets have ever made so many as happy as the one that was fired in to Osama bin Ladens head on May 1. 2011. As a New Yorker who grew up and worked in the shadow of the World Trade Center, I know that for me, life will never quite be the same. I grew up believing that the type of events we saw on 9/11 only happened in far away places. I now know better.

But I take solace in also knowing that I live in a nation that regardless of race, religion, color, orientation or political affiliation, is blind when it comes to justice and the defeat of true evil. I take pride in the fact that we have succeeded in killing Osama bin Laden and I thank President Obama for not letting him get away.

This does not mean that President Obama is now immune from any criticism. Indeed there are many fronts that I and tens of millions of Americans disagree with him on. But today we have witnessed one of those events that requires us to celebrate in union, not quibble over divisions.

As the dust settles on the details of the events which eliminated Osama bin Laden, we will come to learn that the tips which led to Sundays events, were first unearthed four years ago under President George W. Bush. Two years later those tips allowed our intelligence agencies to determine the names of two couriers for bin Laden. And yesterday, two years after that, that knowledge achieved the goal of our long, ongoing mission to find bin Laden.

We will also learn that the original tip of four years ago was obtained through detainees, like those at Guantanamo Bay, the very detainees that many have argued should not be held by America. President Obama had himself at one point argued against our detainee policy. Yet after taking office, to the dislike of his supporters, he failed to change that policy. Now maybe we can understand why. President Obama has kept intact Bush era terrorist policies and used them successfully to this point. Regardless of his original position, he deserves credit for doing what was right once he was made privy to all the facts and realities that only a Commander-in-Chief is privy to.

There is much more that we will learn and all of it will be quite important. For although bin Laden is dead, the evil he bred in radical Islam still lurks. For now though, we can only hope that the elation of knowing that justice has been done when it comes to bin Laden, will fuel continued vigilance and unity in the war against the Islamo-fascistterrorists that still goes on. Today it is with great optimism and pride that I believe we will.

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