Tim Pawlenty: ” I Would Sign Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan”

Bookmark and ShareOn ABC’s “This Week” former Minnesota Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty addressed his stance on the budget changes to privatize Medicare proposed by the House of Representatives and backed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

“If the only choices were doing nothing like President Obama is doing and Paul Ryan’s plan, I’d sign it,” Pawlenty stated. Without going into specifics the former Minnesota Governor also said he would do some things differently from Ryan’s plan such as ” address Social Security”. During a stop in Iowa on Monday the GOP presidential hopeful told a group at Point of Grace Church Waukee that another change he would make to Ryan’s plan would be to change the way providers are paid by including ‘performance pay’ into the plan.

With the field slowly taking shape, a couple of major players deciding against a 2012 bid and others not yet making a decision at all, Pawlenty could stand to make gains if he connects with the electorate on the big issues. Advocating Ryan’s plan while adding some issues of his own may be what he needs to grab some support from a GOP voting base who has yet to find a candidate to get behind. It may also help Pawlenty cozy up to the TEA party voters who advocate budget and entitlement cuts. Although some in TEA party voters don’t feel Ryan’s proposal goes far enough, adding a few extra’s such as performance based pay and Social Security reform could be what Pawlenty needs to show he is willing to expand on those issues.

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