Is It All Beginning To Unravel for President Obama?

Bookmark and Share    Ever since last month’s dismal jobs report came out a week ago and indicated that 2 ½ years into President Obama’s term in office, the economy took another step backwards, media coverage of President Obama has begun to reflect the opinion polls. It has become increasingly negative.

Today, blaring headlines tout “Obama’s Approval Hits New Low”, “Obama Sinks On Poor Economic News,” “Obama Loses bin Laden Bounce; Romney on the Move Among GOP Contenders”, “Obama’s Approval Sinks Like the U.S. Economy”, and amid all the many similar storylines was this one “Top Obama Economic Advisor to Leave”.

Given the fact that the President’s top economic advisor, Austan Goolsbee, has given the President advice that achieved  results which warrant only the most depressing descriptions, it is not surprising to see Goolsbee go. Oddly while the Obama Administration tries to convince the American people that they need to give the President’s economic policies more time to take effect and turn things around, they are not willing to apply that same thinking when it comes to the people guiding those policies. It was only last September that the White House paraded Goolsbee around as their new head of the Council of Economic Advisors and the economic recovery effort. He was put forth as an economic genius, a brilliant master of Keynesian thought who knew how to implement Keynesian policies in a way that would grow our economy, increase employment, and turn the nation around. Nine months later, unemployment has risen, economic growth is as best, sluggish, and the man who was suppose to direct our economy to do just the opposite, is “resigning” to return to teaching at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. And in doing so proves the popular wisdom of the phrase “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

While the mainstream media is not necessarily making this connection between the still lousy economy and Goolsbee’s resignation, they still have not been able to say anything very positive about the President lately. Especially when it comes to the economy, the preeminent issue in the minds of most Americans. The only news there really is to report on that front comes down to high gas prices, inordinate hikes in the price of everything from sugar to blue jeans, the possibility of a battle with prolonged inflation and a double-dip recession, and the only recent sign of hope for recovery being new job creation driven mainly by McDonald’s hiring of part-time, low paying position.

Add to this another headline that appeared today in The Hill. In an article entitled “Daily Economic Briefings Disappear from Obama’s White House Schedule”, reporter Sam Youngman states, “At some point during the first two years of his administration, President Obama stopped receiving the daily economic briefing that he requested when he took office”.

Youngman correctly points out, that as a new President, Barack Obama promised to make the economy and jobs creation his number one priority and as such he made a point of letting it be known that he would convene daily briefings on the economy that would be given as much importance as the daily intelligence briefing that is required of a President who wants to insure that the nation was safe. However; Youngman reports that White House officials tell him that somewhere along the line, these meetings “petered out”. Sort of like that Obama economic program that Austan Goolsbee headed up.

With a little more than a year and a half to go till the 2012 election, anything can happen to change its outcome. So it can not be said that everything is unraveling for the President. But it can be said that the G.O.P. has enough issue oriented ammunition to keep President Obama on the defense and limit his ability to gain any political ground that his already begun campaign reelection seeks. Putting aside for a moment the important questions of big government that controls the people versus a limited government that preserves the people’s freedom, on the bread and butter issues, like jobs and personal prosperity, President Obama has served up a plate full economic botulism and Americans are finally coming to realize it.

This is one reason why The Atlantic Wire was quick to feature another unflattering story for the President that appeared today with the headline “On College Campuses, Obama’s Not Cool Anymore”. The article is based on a New York Times story which analyzed how the students of one college perceive the Obama presidency so far. The conclusion is that students at Oberlin College are now of the opinion that “the real Obama can’t live up to their idea of him.” This would account for the fact that voters between the ages of  18 and 24, a demographic that went overwhelming for President Obama in 2008, is now the demographic that accounts for President Obama’s biggest drop in approval…… a drop of more than 10%.

With all the “hope” and “change” hoopla promised by President Obama in 2008, as we approach 2012, most people from most all demographics have come to realize that President Obama is unable to live up to the impression of himself that he created. And so since people are now coming to this realization, now is the time for Republicans to pick up this theme and run with it.

Now that President Obama is finally having to bear responsibility for his policies, and people are realizing that his attempts to spend our way into a crippling national debt in order to stimulate the economy is an absurd course to take, Republicans must keep the President on the defense.

Even though each of the people running for the Republican presidential nomination are actually competing against each other, they still have the ability to work together in building upon the themes that whichever one of them who is ultimately nominated, can beat the President on. The same goes for Republican members of Congress. At a time when even the lamestream media finds themselves forced to report on the shortcomings of President Obama, Republicans must tie the facts together and paint a picture for the American people. And it is not a pretty picture. It is an image of a President who has failed to live up to expectations. Its an image of President who in just two years, grew our national debt more than the total  debt mounted by several previous Administrations combined. And all in the name of stimulating an economy that has worsened, not improved. Republicans must take the facts and remind voters that while the President repeatedly tells us to give his policies a chance to work, those working for the President on the economy, like Austan Goolsbee, are abandoning ship and are unwilling to give the President’s policies the time that they want us to give them. We must drive home that, as indicated by the “petering out” of his daily economic briefing, even the President has given up on his owsn economic policies. Under these circumstances, now is the perfect time to fill the void created by the increasingly evident failed economic policies of the President, with Republican solutions to our economic problems.

We must make the case that we can’t afford to wait till 2012 to significantly cut spending, reform entitlement programs, and roll back stifling government controls that are more hindrance than help. Congressional Republicans, both in the House majority and the Senate minority, must force the President’s hand and give us one of two options to run on in 2012. We can either say that he had to admit the failure of his own ways and follow the Republican lead, or that he refuses to do what is right for the American economy. Either way, whoever the G.O.P. nominee is, this structuring of the debate will give them the upper hand.

It is time for Republicans to get their act together and take a page from the Rahm Emmanuelle political playbook………never let a crisis go to waste. It worked for Democrats without much objection, so why should it not work for Republicans without objection?

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