Mr. President, Are You A Flake?

As Michelle Bachmann approaches the top of the Republican field, she is facing even more intense scrutiny.  In the same week as Obama’s medal of honor gaffe, an unlikely interviewer has proven among the most unfair to Bachmann.  Chris Wallace of Fox News asked her directly: “Are you a flake?”

Is Bachmann a serious candidate? Iowa seems to think so.

Wallace was giving credibility to those who seem to hold this bias against Bachmann, whether he realizes it or not.  But an even more serious question is if Wallace would ask any other candidate that?

Joe Biden could have been living in a cave for the last two and a half years and no one would have known it.  There is a good reason for that.  Biden had more gaffes per month in his campaign than Bachmann has had in a lifetime.  And Obama, the great orator, is not immune either.  From following his teleprompter off a metaphorical cliff on more than one occasion to making his appearances before the British royalty look like something out of a comedy movie, Obama has embarrassed himself over and over again on both national and international stages.

I don’t recall Bush ever having to sit down to have a beer with a cop because he put his foot in his mouth.

Bachmann’s answer was brilliant, giving Chris Wallace her history as a tax attorney, state senator and House representative, her education history and her family history.  Remember the good old days when we got to compare Bush and Kerry’s college transcripts to see who got more Ds?  And Obama, for being a Harvard constitutional law professor really doesn’t seem to know anything about the constitution.

So what is it about conservative women that seems to earn them “flake” status in the media, even as an acknowledged and valid perception?  Is this sexism pure and simple?  Palin and Bachmann seem to be treated interchangeably in the media, especially on the conservative side.  Remember George Will saying Palin was unpresidential because she watched her daughter in Dancing with the Stars?  Funny how Obama is amazingly Presidential when he not only kisses babies, but rocks them to sleep on the campaign trail.


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  1. It seems that since Palin had a few cringe-worthy moments, the media will always be looking for ways to exploit conservative women. That’s not to say that I don’t like Palin, she just played a part in making conservative women an easy target, largely with the way in which she handled such criticisms. Sure, Bachmann has said a few “out there” things. At the same time, though, our current Presidente said he had been to all 57 states and it’s a proven fact that he’s unable to speak without the use of a teleprompter. Politicians are people and they all slip up, but the media’s constant obsession with making Palin and Bachmann, who are both intelligent and savvy women, seem moronic is disgusting and completely out of line.

    Once again, love the site.

    The Conservative Journal

  2. Rick, thank you for the comment.

    Have you heard the latest? Michelle Bachmann said she wants to run in the spirit of John Wayne from Waterloo, Iowa. Now, John Wayne’s family was from Waterloo, but they moved to Winterset before he was born. On the other hand, John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer and rapist, moved to Waterloo at one point.

    Now the left-wing media is saying Bachmann wants to invoke the spirit of a serial killer/rapist. Who exactly are we supposed to think is the idiot here?

    • No problem!

      Seriously. Do those liberal commentators really expect reasonably minded people to believe that Bachmann was referencing the criminal John Wayne? Surely not, but I don’t want to go give them too much credit.

      The Conservative Journal

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