New Romney Ad Claims “Obama Isn’t Working”. But Will That Be Enough to Work for Romney?

Bookmark and Share   While the Republican presidential race remains in a state of flux that is largely due to the possibly entry of two possibly very  potent political forces, Sarah Palin and Rick Perry, the posturing for who gets the inside track position for the start of the race continues.  For Mitt Romney’s part the latest maneuver in his jockeying for position is a new ad entitled “Obama Isn’t Working: Chicago”. (see ad below)

Ignoring his rivals for the nomination, Romney focusses in on the general election battle and fires a shot directly at President Obama’s Achilles heal…..the economy.

The well done ad is in the mode of the contemporary. fast paced, quick cut imagery that has come to mark our attention deficit riddled society.  And it attempts to keep pace with the dramatic production value that Tim Pawenty demonstrated in many of his hardly seen and still unsuccessful ads including this one called “Courage To Stand“. 

The theme of attack that Romney’s ad takes is hardly original and it need not be.  The economy is the number one issue and so far it looks like it will remain the number one issue.  But what it comes down to is which Republican presidential candidate will be able to most effectively go after President Obama on the economy and nail him to the wall with it.  Romney is clearly trying to position himself as the one who can best exploit the issue and use it against the President.  

The economy is probably the only issue that Romney really has in his arsenal. With RomneyCare weighing him down in the Republican nomination contest, he needs to focus in on his successful reputation and  perceived entrepreneurial and managerial expertise as persuades Republicans to believe that on the one issue which will be most important in the general election, the economy, he is the most reliable and solid candidate.  In many ways Romney is the most solid candidate. 

Of the current field, he is undeniably the most sound candidate.  He is not seen as bland as Tim Pawlenty.  He is not seen as quirky or extreme as Michele Bachmann is portrayed to be or as inexperienced as Herman Cain and as liberal as Jon Huntsman or as damaged as Gingrich, as far behind as Santorum or as unrealistic as Gary Johnson and Ron Paul.    So it is only logical for Romney to try to cut through everything else and try to prove that he can effectively beat the President on the issue that this election will probably be won or lost on. 

Still though, before Romney gets to the general election,  he will have to somehow explain away the lingering doubts that the Republican base has about his ideological purity.  Afterall, it is the Republican base that will ultimately nominate President Obama’s opponent.  Until Mitt can successfully proves that he is a true conservative, people like Michele Bachmann will be able to give him a real run for his money. 

One might think that if John  McCain was able to win the Republican nomination in 2008, anyone can.  If so, they would be wrong. 

In 2008, rightly or wrongly, people were not yet pushed  so far by liberal extremes and politics-as-usual, that they were finallybeacame civic minded enough to become politically active and create a movement…………….the Taxed Enough Already or as it is commonly refered to, the TEA movement.   Had there been a TEA movement in 2008, we may not have seen either Barack Obama or John McCain nominated.  But today there is a TEA movement.  It is not a Party.  It is not even an ideology.  It is a force which has many saying enough is enough, the system is broken and business-as-usual just doesn’t cut  it anymore.  These people do not want to accept the lesser of two evils and many of them would rather lose with someone whom they know will be uncompromising on issues such as taxes, spending, and the Constitution, than win with someone who risks delivering more of the same. 

That could change.  President Obama’s presidency could continue to spiral out of control the same way that Jimmy Carter’s presidency did.  I was one of those who predicted that Barack Obama would be a repeat of Jimmy Carter.  If this scenario does continue to play out, people will simply go ABO………….Anyone But Obama.  But before we get to that point, the G.O.P. must select the “anybody” that they hope would be the recipient of the anti-Obama vote.  And as it currently stands, the Republican base is not willing to nominate another John McCain.  Right now, they don’t want just “anybody”, they want someone who they believe is capable of standing against the politics and policies that have delivered us to where we are today.  And if Mitt Romney wants to be that person, he will soon have to focus more on the primaries than the general election.  If he doesn’t, he might have to consider accepting the number two spot on a Palin or Perry presidential ticket.

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