Happy Anniversary: You and White House 2012, Together for a Year!

Bookmark and Share    I know its not a big deal, but today marks a full year since White House 2012 went public on the internet. That may not seem like much but with nearly 76,000 unique visits and hits, and dozens of subscribers, I am pleased. And apparently many of you are too. In this first year, White House 2012 has received countless messages of praise from readers and it has been acknowledged in numerous independent blogs and referred to by internet sites ranging from that of the Council on Foreign Relations to New Republic, The Huffington Post (eeewww), Politico and many newspapers throughout the country and even in the U.K..  It has even  afforded me several radio talk show invites.
That may be bragging, but I think the writers of White House 2012 have reason to brag. Many blogs and websites go dormant after less than 2 months. In fact a study once showed that 66.0% of all blogs had not been updated in 2 months. According to Hugh Hewitt in his New York Times best selling booking BLOG: Understanding the information reformation that is changing your world, ——–a book I highly reccomend to all bloggers,——- that represents well over several million blogs that have “been temporarily or permanently abandoned”.

Maintaining a blog is not easy, especially one like White House 2012.   It is more than just a blog but also a constantly updated resource that provides information on the candidates in the ever changing Republican presidential nomination process. Yet with its staff of conservative writers, and now our token liberal (Democratic Darling), White House 2012 has not only been active on just about a daily basis, it has also been quite prolific in its distribution of opinion, analysis, and news regarding the presidential election and the issues involved in it. And I am proud of that. Accomplishing that required team work, commitment, and most of all, a passion for the issues we write about. That passion makes the commitment  much easier.

White House 2012 is just one of many of what are technically called poliblogs and it may not be the best one but it is one of the most reliable. You can always count on White House 2012 to offer a unique opinion and different view on a situation. And you can always count on its writers to address you from the heart. Our writers have more than just a passing interest in politics. They are in touch and in tune with the issues they address and they are ready to defend their position with all the heart that is put in to the conclusions they establish and all the logic that can support it.

Poliblogs such as ours may not be considered the be all to end all but they play an important role in today’s world. Years ago, the old media was ruled by editors and corporate owners who had complete control of the news we received and the slants it could be delivered with. But now, information, a critical source of blood that enables a Republic to thrive, is not owned by any corner of the market. Today it is available to each and everyone who has access to a laptop and electricity. That has shifted a great deal of power from the ruling elites and in to the hands of each and every one of us. It also requires its users to exercise a large degree of sincerity and responsibility. One can try to be salacious with their content for popularity and notoriety or they can try to be honest and reliable, clarifying the facts instead of mottling them. I believe White House 2012 takes the latter approach.

For me White House 2012 and my original blog, POLITICS 24/7 are tools in a political arsenal that is meant to combat a liberal dominated media. And while White House 2012 is not the only conservative weapon in the arsenal, we hope it is powerful enough to make a difference in at least our corner of cyberspace.

So today, I thank you, our readers, each person who writes for White House 2012, and the nation that helped develop the technology that is allowing the internet to change the world for the better. And no, that does not include Al Gore.

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P.S. :  I would love to offer a contest to mark this occassion and give away some items from the White House 2012 Campaign Gear store, but bloggers don’t make much money and neither do New Jersey Republican political consultants.

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