Rick Perry Makes it Official and Steps in the Race as a Responsible Libertarian

Bookmark and Share    The announcement of Rick Perry’s presidential candidacy (see the announcement in the video below) on the same day that the field of opponents were dealing with the Iowa Straw Poll, has met mixed with mixed criticism. Some have suggested that timing the announcement for the same day as the major event in Iowa was poor judgment. Most of those who say that though, come from Iowa.

But insofar as the other 49 states go, I fail to see how Perry’s move will hurt his chances in them. At the same time, with his relative late entry into the race and a virtually non-existent organization in the Hawkeye State, Perry’s decision to announce his candidacy while the Straw Poll was taking place, was smart. It assured that whoever won the Straw Poll would have an asterisk next to their win which states “The win was achieved before Rick Perry entered the race”. This diminishes the victory, which went to Michele Bachmann.

As it relates to the Republican presidential nomination, under the set of circumstances that Perry is confronting, this announcement was technically perfect and in every way.

In addition to diminishing the effect of Bachmann’s win in Iowa. The location of Perry’s announcement and the venue used to do it at were politically shrewd for at least two reasons. First, he chose to make his announcement at what is the third annual Red State Gathering. It is a convention of sorts for conservative activists and attending it this year were 500 highly motivated activists. The gathering is sponsored by the blog “Red State“, which is one of the most widely read right of center blogs there is,  and is widely considered one of the most influential voices of the conservative grassroots . That means that the conservative blogosphere has been and is a buzz about the potential and promise of a Perry presidential candidacy. In addition to that, Perry’s willingness to embrace hardcore conservative activists like those who follow Red State, shows guts, and an unwavering devotion to the conservative cause. Few if any mainstream politicians would choose to introduce their candidacy from something that is so politically partisan that it would call itself “Red State”.   While many haven chosen to announce their candidacies in front of some Norman Rockwell-like backdrop of a farm in Iowa or picnic ground in New Hampshire, Perry came right out and held no punches regarding  his commitment to conservatism and willingness not to hide from it. That sends a strong, positive signal to the Republican base.

The second thing about the location of the announcement was that it took place in Charleston, South Carolina.

South Carolina is currently seen as wide open with no clear frontrunner. And while Michele Bachmann has the inside track on the Iowa Caucuses, after that the race turns to New Hampshire where Mitt Romney is expected to come out on top. After those two states, the race turns to South Carolina which has a Republican electorate that is closer to that of Iowa’s Republican demographic than New Hampshire’s. This makes South Carolina  more fertile for Bachmann than it is for Romney. But New Hampshire’s Republican base is not great turf for Bachmann and after a win in Iowa, a bad showing behind Romney and anyone else in New Hampshire could begin to convince voters that Bachmann may not be all that electable.  This all means that South Carolina could be a cakewalk for Perry.   If so, that will have a big effect on nearby Florida which holds its primary soon after. And with its compliment of 99 winner-take-all delegates, the third largest delegation of all states, Florida could be the state that finally determines who the real frontrunner is as the nomination process moves on from there.

But there was much more that was right about Perry’s announcement on Saturday.

While all of the candidate’s are using TEA Party talking points, Rick Perry’s talk about not exchanging “less freedom for more government” and “time to get America working again” seemed much more convincing than the others who have spoken similarly. Perhaps what makes him more believable than the others on these issues is his standing as Governor of the “Lone Star” state a state known for independence, and the fact that he has ruled over a state that has recently accounted for nearly 40% of all new jobs in that nation?

Be those the reasons or not, in his speech, Rick Perry demonstrated an ability to connect with voters and to electrify a room quite naturally. Nothing was forced in the way that Tim Pawlenty often seems to do, or stretched as Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann seem to do. With Rick Perry it all seems natural and genuine and based on his record, you can understand why.

In the final analysis, Perry’s announcement was a good start and as for the timing, South Carolina’s popular Governor and a national TEA Party darling, stated:

“I think his timing was brilliant. I think to turn around and do this the same day you’ve got the Ames Iowa poll really just lets us all know that it’s game on time for all the candidates and I love that,”

But there was much more to Perry’s announcement than the timing. The words he spoke rang quite true with the conservative base that will be decisive in the nomination process. Perry struck critical chords in lines such as these;

“The people are not subject to the government, the government is subject to us.”

And his closing line;

“I will work every day to make sure that Washington DC is as inconsequential to your lives as possible.”

That line in particular could be a key to Perry’s winning over of conservatives and those in the Taxed Enough Already movement. It was extraordinarily bold and in direct contradiction with the liberal logic that pushes government to be one of the biggest consequences in our lives. The left may try to use that line against Perry if he is the nominee, but in the Republican nomination process that will get you to the general election, that line demonstrates that Perry gets it and when pieced with all his other initial stances it makes him an adult version of Ron Paul……… a  “responsible Libertarian“, an image that can unite both the conservative base and the growing libertarian Republican base.   It shows that Perry is not only in touch with the right and the TEA movement, but that he is one of them and a part of the  movement. 

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6 Responses

  1. Actual Libertarian’s are falling down laughing. Rick Perry is a globalist, corporatist, former Al Gore campaign manager. Homework is the responsible think to do.

    14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be A Really, Really Bad President: http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/14-reasons-why-rick-perry-would-be-a-really-really-bad-presiden​t

    Gov. Rick Perry is a Crook! (TTC Land Grab): http://youtu.be/oSIZ2-1kLnY

    Lawmakers Want Gov. Perry to Rescind Exec. Order on Vaccine: http://youtu.be/3hhfG93t0IQ

    Rick Perry’s Ties With Merck Run Deep:http://www.kbtx.com/home/headlines/5546651.html

    Gov. Perry Shirks Responsibility on TSA Anti-Groping Bill:http://youtu.be/_NoUIFdaNC8

    TX Gov. Rick Perry Attends Bilderberg in Istanbul, 2007:http://youtu.be/90jfQrb4wAE

  2. A reply to comment #1-The Republican primary voter is too desperate to care about your comments, they will be ignored-sorry.

    I bet no one who reads this has ever spent time up close and personal with Rick but, if you have, you’ll know what I mean when I say, there’s just something empty.

    He will win the nomination, I think we all know that. No one is even close to his already present national machine. I’m afraid it is all over short of a major event or intervention.

    • I disagree. Mitt Romney has at the moment a better and more widespread national organization than Rick Perry. Can it be surpassed in the months to come? Possibly. But at the moment I still believe that Mitt Romney is the frontrunner and truth be told, I think Romney may be the stronger candidate of the two when it comes time for the general election. I have not yet made up mind on either who I am endorsing or who I think will win. (I may very well endorse a candidate who is not going to win the nomination, but that I believe in). But I will say that the words Perry has used to introduce his candidacy do prove to the G.O.P. and the TEA movement that Perry gets it. Unfortuantely those words may also come back to haunt him if wins the nomination.

      • As for the attacks, you’re correct about them not being used eary as a rule of thumb, but every case is different. Sometimes their is a need for a candidate to prove that they have the guts and gonads to go after the after the opponent and show that they will be aggressive against the opposition in the election. Tim Pawlenty had to try to demonstrate this. It depends on how you go negative though.

        • Most people think Romney has a better national campaign set up but that’s because Rick has been laying the groundwork with very astute operators for some time. It’s pretty underground for now but that’s about to change.

          I say that Mitt is every High School’s Captain of the Varsity Football team and Senior Class President. He is a natural. Trouble in the past with Perry was that he was the Varsity yell leader instead (and rumors of his preferences followed) but now he appears more manly and he is very very politically shrewed-more than most realize.

          Besides, back in his early days of being a Railroad Commissioner he had the chutzpah to make sexy posters of himself which hung on the walls of many a member of local Republican Woman’s clubs. (Amazing but true). They both have good hair but Rick goes after the woman vote-you’ll see.

          btw-I get extra points- I defended (backhandedly) your article on Ron Paul. I’ve known him for years too-

          • And I thank you. Regarding Perry, I was not aware of rumored preferences, but as a former class president, I can tell you that we are highly overrated. But I do agree with your point about the “underground” network Perry has, which is why I said that Romney “so far” has the best organization. But Perry has been laying down the groundwork for a while. Several month’s ago I posted here in WH12 a piece that discussed how Perry was conducting an out of state poll. That polling went largely undetected ny the MSM.

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