Would Michele Bachmann Appoint Openly Gay Persons to her Administration?

Bookmark and Share    Recently television host Jake Tapper asked Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann if she would appoint an openly gay or lesbian person to her Administration?

Bachmann replied;

“ I would look, first of all: Will they uphold the constitution of the United States, and number two: are they competent to do what they need to do, are they the best at who they are?

That’s my criteria; nothing more.”

That statement is critically important to remember the next time the left tries to paint Bachmann as homophobic. It is clear from Bachmann’s answer that she understands that her personal opinions can not undermine the Constitution of the United States and do not prohibit her from understanding that regardless of her personal opinion on sexual orientation, it does not negate her appreciation for the individual and the individuals abilities, talents and contribution to society.

Perhaps the best thing about this whole disclosure was the question itself. It was a legitimate question, that was phrased appropriately. It directly asked how she as a President would deal with the issue. It was not the type of botchy question which asked her personal opinion and unreasonably exaggerated it to mean that that opinion would be translated into inappropriate government action.

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