Heavy Hitters Urge Paul Ryan to Run for President

Bookmark and Share   A day after the prospects for a presidential run by Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan were heightened by reports that the Congressman is in fact seriously considering the idea, some of the most influential names in Republican circles have come out in support of the idea.

Few candidates, declared or undeclared, have brought out the type of open public support and encouragement that Paul Ryan is receiving. While candidates like Mitt Romney , Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry receive high public praise from colleagues and elected officials, none of them have received public commitments to their campaigns from people such as former and incumbent governor’s , former presidential cabinet members and powerful incumbent members of Congress.

On the news that Ryan is nearing a decision, people such as Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and former Director of National Drug Control Director Bill Bennett, have all indicated their extensive depth of support for Paul Ryan and his candidacy and have urged him to take the plunge.

Governor Mitch Daniels told The Weekly Standard;

“I don’t think it’s a secret that he was strongly encouraging me to try. I’ve been strongly encouraging him to run as well. He has all the qualities our party needs to be emphasizing in these elections.”

He can explains—

“and is willing to explain—in plain English why today’s policies are a disaster for the middle class, and he has the smarts to go toe-to-toe with the people who are saying misleading things about the proposals that he’s put out there.”

Former Governor Jeb Bush states;

“Paul Ryan would be a formidable candidate. I admire his substance and energy. Win or lose, he would force the race to be about sustained, job-creating economic growth and the real policies that can achieve it.”

Meanwhile Scott Walker, the freshman Republican Governor of the state that Ryan represents a portion of is urging Ryan to run and publicly stated that;

“Paul Ryan is one of the most courageous people I know,”

and added

 “Now, more than ever, we need a president with courage. We need leaders who care more about the next generation than they do about the next election. That’s Paul.”

These three names alone are immensely important to have on one’s side.

All of these men are widely embraced as conservatives and reformers by both establishment and anti-establishment forces alike. Walker, in particular. His courageous and controversial stands against the abuses of big unions and his difficult budget cutting choices have made him a particular favorite of conservative TEA movement activists.

Another influential figure to be on Ryan’s side is the man who under Ronald Reagan was appointed to serve as the first National Drug Policy Director ……Bill Bennett.

Early Wednesday morning, Bennett emailed the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin and of Paul Ryan wrote;

“There are many talented candidates in the race already, but there is always room for a man of Paul Ryan’s intellectual depth, temperament, talent, and conviction.”

Bennett will be soon be visiting Ryan while he is on vacation with his family in Colorado. The two are old friends and Ryan considers Bennett a mentor of sorts.   From all indications, Ryan’s mentor is likely to help the Congressman conclude that it is in fact time for him to take the mantle of leadership and run for President.

Others who have been offering praise of Ryan include Speaker John Boehner who calls Ryan a “natural candidate” and Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan. Jordan is a leading conservative and the head of the Republican Study Committee. According to him, Ryan would be “an asset to the race. When Paul talks about Cut, Cap, and Balance as a key to solving America’s debt problem, people get it.”

But praise is nothing new for the sensible young conservative Congressman from Wisconsin. Ryan has been consistently receiving glowing reviews for his work, personality, sense of commitment, and skills, for a long time now. That is part of the reason why at 41, when Republicans recently took control of the House, Paul Ryan became one of the most powerful peope in the nation after being appointed to the leadership position of Chairman of the critically important House Budget Committee.

And in just a matter of weeks, after taking on that responsibility, Paul Ryan led his committee to settle upon a budget brave enough to touch all the third rails in politics and comprehensive enough to deal with such things as entitlement reforms and all of the issues which the recent debt ceiling debate pushed off on to a select committee of 12.

If Paul Ryan decides to run, he may face a hill too steep to overcome. He does not have the type of immediate fundraising capacity of a Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. He does not have the name recognition of a Sarah Palin or Rudy Giuliani. Not yet anyway. But given a chance, this relatively fresh and undeniably young face will have a profound effect on the Republican presidential race. Ryan is the little engine that could and he has the potential to catch the American public’s imagination in a way that Barack Obama did among liberals when he was running for President in 2008.  But at the same time, Paul ryan has the ability to appeal to our senses and our logic.

Paul Ryan has the ability to be an unpretentious, conservative Republican version of JFK, minus Camelot, nepotism, and philandering. He offers youthful vision, and has the ability to create a narrative regarding our nation’s problems that mixes honesty with hope and reality with resolution. Paul Ryan is decisive and dedicated. He is savvy, serious and sincere. He is a man of great humility and respect. But most of all, Paul Ryan is one of the few American politicians who is willing to speak the truth about the greatest problem facing our nation today ——– our out of control budget and debt. And unlike any other candidate, he has the knowledge, judgment, capacity, and willingness to share the truth about our budgetary mess and articulate the difficult decisions that we have to make, without any smoke, mirrors and false hopes.

If Paul Ryan were to be our Republican presidential nominee, he will begin a national dialogue that will consist of tough truths and sellable solutions, not bumper sticker slogans and hapless hyperbole. If Paul Ryan runs, the question will not be is he ready to do the job, the question will be is America ready for Paul Ryan. We already know that the guy who currently has the job was not ready for it. But I know Paul Ryan is.

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