Former New York Governor George Pataki to Announce His Decision About a Run For President

Bookmark and Share   As the need to make up their minds regarding whether to run for President or not approaches, the latest name to let us know that he will make a definitive decision soon is former New York Governor George Pataki.

According to NY1, (see video below) the former three term Republican Governor will announce his decision within a week. Not that there are a whole lot of people hoping and waiting for him to run. While the 66 year old Pataki served New York well during his tenure, his leadership was far from transformative and he would enter the race as one of the longest shots in the field so far. His fundraising capability is not extensive and pales in comparison to other Republican opponents such as Perry and Romney.

Pataki also lacks any great claim to fame or particular expertise and there is no particular opening in the existing field that he would be able to immediately fill.

While Pataki has made a few uneventful appearances in Iowa and New Hampshire over the past few months, his testing of the waters created few ripples. So all things considered, the only reason I see for Pataki to decide to run would be boredom.

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