George Pataki Heads to Iowa to Address Republicans at the State Fair

Bookmark and Share   On Saturday, former New York Governor George Pataki is heading to Iowa where he will speak to those in attendance at the Polk County Republican picnic. The event is being held on the Iowa State fairgrounds.

The Governor has suggested that he will make a decision about a run for President in 2012 probably within the next week. If that is true, he is probably not heading all the way out to Iowa to announce he is not running. That could be done much more easily from his backyard or in a Twitter, like most all others are doing these days.

I won’t dare say whether Pataki will run or not. If I did, it would be only guess and besides I have been wrong to many times already about who will run. But I will say that it makes no sense for Pataki run. With Jon Huntsman running, there already is a moderate Republican Governor running in the form of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, and he’s not moving very much. We have even seen another relatively moderate Governor aggressively pursue the nomination and then suddenly drop out of the race because he too was not gaining any traction.

If the thinking is that the very large field of hardcore conservatives will be divided enough to allow a moderate to run up the middle and win the nomination, he’s wrong. If that scenario plays out, for anyone, it  will be Mitt Romney. But even Romney is doing his best to run as far to the right as possible. And why? Because Republicans do not want another McCain as there nominee. They want someone who will be as conservative enough for them to not doubt their commitment to the conservative cause. A New York Republican just doesn’t fit that bill.

What Pataki says this Saturday though, will nonetheless be interesting.

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