LIVE FROM STARBUCKS: In the Aftermath of Hurricane Irene

Bookmark and Share LIVE FROM THE AFTERMATH OF HURRICANE IRENE:  Just a message to readers………………I am sorry for a lack of posts to White House 2012.  I am now in my 36th hour without power in Whiting, New Jersey.   I had to go to damn Starbucks to get online, compliments of Irene……that biatch! All else is well in my immediate area. There was little flooding and no real wind damage, but no electricity is bad enough, thank you. I guess I should be greatful, many people further inland were hit by the hurricane much worse than I was but I am still in a mood of ready-to-kill and would really like to find a few liberals to take my anger out on. I feel like I am in a bad episode of Little House on the Prairie here.

Still, I hope all are well. You won’t be hearing from me again till the power is back on, at which time regular posts to White House 2012 will resume.

Some pictures of the aftermath of Hurricane Irene in New Jersey:

Surf in Seaside Heights

Berkley Heights

Checkpoint at Ocean & Porter, Seaside Park. RESIDENTS MUST SHOW ID TO ENTER. Notice the rifle on the left.Seaside Park

Seaside Park


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