Did Rick Perry Threaten Ron Paul During the Presidential Debate?

Bookmark and Share  While most of the on air sparring in last night’s Republican presidential debate took place between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, apparently there was a little brouhaha during one of the station breaks. 

As captured in the photo shown here, it was during one of these breaks that Governor Perry strode up to Ron Paul, grabbed Paul’s wrist and raised his other hand to point a finger in Paul’s face in an attempt to make a point to the Congressman.

According to RonPaul.com, here’s how it went down:

“During a commercial break at Wednesday’s Republican debate, Rick Perry and Ron Paul continued their spirited exchange on stage. Suddenly, Perry grabbed Ron Paul’s forearm while aggressively pointing his index finger towards the Congressman’s face. Alerted by Perry’s menacing gestures, Ron Paul’s bodyguard (front left) was standing by, ready to protect the Congressman.”

What exactly was said is unknown but that won’t prevent Pauliacs from trying to use the image against their feeble three time presidential candidate.  So far they are on a campaign to try and claim that Perry was threatening and intimidating Paul. 

If the photo is capturing a truly heated exchange you can rest assured that Governor  Perry most likely urged Ron Paul  to stop the blatant lies Paul’s campaign has been promulgating about Perry, including the one about Perry having been a national chairman for Al Gore.

In past debates, live streams allowed internet users to catch glimpses of the candidates and how they were interacting during commercial breaks but MSNBC’s live stream of last night’s debate did not offer such an opportunity as they simply cut the  feed during commercials.  Had they not, we might have at  least seen the Perry-Paul exchange.

So far, there is no official comment from either Paul or Perry regarding what the exchange consisted of, but that has not stopped Ron Paul fanatics from trying to lift their messiah ever higher by alleging Rick Perry assaulted their guy. 

Until it is known exactly what was said, drawing conclusions is futile, but in the end, it my be in the best interest of Ron Paul that Rick Perry’s words remain unknown because if I know Rick Perry, his words probably did not provide for the type of praise that Ron Paul  would want to duplicate in an ad promoting his candidacy. And it will probably make many Paulbots look truly stupid for their exaggerations and lies.

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Update:  The truth comes out and the Ron Paul crowd does indeed look stupid.  See the conclusion here.

17 Responses

  1. First of all…What? No spell check…Are you this disrespectful every time you write? calling this Man a “feeble three time presidential candidate and a messiah”. You stated “Perry most likely urged Ron Paul about to stop the blatant lies Paul’s campaign has been promulgating about Perry, including the one about Perry having been a national chairman for Al Gore” . Get your facts straight, Perry was a Democrat, and the Texas state chairman for Gore’s presidential campaign in 1988. The following year he switched parties to run for statewide office. Calling folks that support Ron Paul “Pauliacs and Ron Paul fanatics” is childish and offensive. If you want to support a candidate of the likes of Rick Perry you have every right, but please be fair.

    • I am only disrespectful to those who do not deserve my repect. And by the way………do you have an attention deficit problem or do you just not remember facts in between sentences. The caim has been that Perry was a national co-chair. Did I ever state when Perry switched Parties? Did I ever say Perry wasn’t once a Democrat? Stay on topic buddy. Besides, if I was able to forgive Ronald Reagan for being a Democrat, I can forgive Rick Perry for once being too. And as for name-calling, I refer to Ron Paul’s loyal following with the same type of repect that a vast majority of them accord to others whom they disagree with. Unlike them, I do not refer to others as war criminals and call everyone un-American. Furthermore I am not supporting Perry. I have not yet made an endorsement. I want the candidates to earn my vote and prove themselves. It is called keeping an open mind. But I do know this much, Ron Paul and his irresponisble rhetoric combined with his 2 decades in office and no accomplishments and a record of hypocrisy, is not being considered.

      • @Kempite Besides the poor writing skills and the obvious fact that you run a biased news site you need to learn some tact. You are very defensive and childish in your responses and it makes you sound like as if you an immature high school student. There is no need to insult people because they are disputing your facts and there is no need to blatantly insult Ron Paul supporters the way you did. Just some constructive criticism.

        • @Paul2……..Thanks for the writing critique, I am sure your professional opinion will be quite damaging to my reputation……………………not! But let me ask you something genius. What is an opinion? Is it news? And what part of White House 2012’s definition as a site that offers news, opinion, and analysis do you not understand? So if you don’t mind, I will continue to offer my own opinions on myh own website, that was designed to allow me to offer my opinions……..opinions that you obviously read. Or as someone who is supposedly a great fan of Ron Paul’s defense of our constitutional rights unable to understand my right to my opinion? Take your head out of your ass and the Ron Paul foot in your mouth and use your brains. Just some constructive criticism.

  2. Do you have anything to prove otherwise? Any links? Any news clips or articles disproving the accusations against Perry that Paul’s team has made?These stories about Perry are in fact, based upon facts. Look it up yourself. Otherwise, calling Paul and his supporters liars is a lie within itself. And that makes YOU the liar.

    • Do you have any proof? I am sorry to tell you this but this is AMERICA. Here one needs to have facts supporting their accusations if they want to be taken seriously. I am surprised that as a kool aid drinking Paulbot, you do not understand the basic principle of innocent until proven guilty. It is not up to me to prove that the Pauliacs charges are right, that is their job. The only liars here are the ones who wish to distort the facts. When you have some facts though, get back to us.

  3. We need a radical change in the White House. Ron Paul Is that for sure.. Im leaning toward him. He makes more sense than the others. Great voting record too. Just saying.

    • Great voting record? You call voting for 62 federaql subsidies while you are simultaneously condemning federal subsidies great? The man is a career hypocritical politican. He opposes subsidies but supports them for himself. He supports term limits but oppses them for himself. He talks a good game but has achieved absolutely nothing. In his nearly two decades in office, how many federal departments has he eliminated? Paul may believe in limited government but what is most limited about him is his abilty to get anything done. We do need change but we need someone who can deliver it. Ron Paul can’t deliver mail.

  4. You speak of “hypocrisy” of Ron Paul, yet Perry balanced his budget with “stimulus” funds for how many years, all while railing against the “socialist” FEDERAL govt

    Does he want the fed to help him in one breath, and then NOT on the campaign trail?
    Same with wanting a “refund” from the FEDERAL govt for Immigration.
    Same with wanting “help” and funds from the FEDERAL govt on the wildfires.
    He’s a hypocrite that wants to “secede” from the same FEDERAL govt he gets support from and rails against…

  5. You don’t know anything about his record or the way he has maintained his congressional seat obviously. Unlike other congress members, he is not taking the cushy retirement, he returns a large portion of his office budget every year, he does not attend congressional trips overseas at our expense. His voting record is simple to understand, if the Constitution does not allow it, he votes no even if it costs his district. Yet he has been elected in that same district for over 20 years. Unlike other congressional members he actually reads his bills before voting. How many people opposed the Patriot Act? You can count them on one hand. Ron Paul was one of those who read it and voted no. How much of the economic crisis has he predicted that other candidates are starting to talk like him. He was the only one standing up for the Constitution and explaining why, where for Mitt Romney and others it has become yet another buzz word and catch phrase. Is Ron Paul perfect? Certainly not, but it is beyond reality to wish him so. Are you going to agree with everything he says? No. I can’t say there is any politician or person I agree with 100% on every single thing. I would be worried if that were the case. Ron Paul and I differ on some social issues, but his answer to those include handling things at the state level. If he says he personally does not believe in something that does not mean he will pursue means as president to stamp it out, because the Constitution does not give him that power and he RESPECTS THAT! However, he has the freedom to his own thoughts and ideas and so do we. I’m not going to argue syntax or little details with you, but look at the whole picture. He is a human being, no more, no less. Whatever you might think of him personally is fine. Remember that other people have different points of view and you would be doing yourself a favor in life if you opened your mind to other ideas, not just Ron Paul, but in general to be a more informed voter and person.

    • Jennifer I apparently know more about Messiah Paul’s record than you, that is quite clear. Ron Paul’s record is chock full of hypocritical votes, a point I dedicated a post on White House 2012 to. And while I expect no one to be perfect, I do expect that if they put themselves forward as some sort of puritanical defender of liberty and call all other blasphemous anti-Contistutionalists, they better be pure. Furthermore your “human being” standard should be applied by your fellow Ron Paul supporters who treat others who disagree with them with an obnoxiousness that eerily similiar to that I which I demonstrate here……..Get the point yet? But to respond to your typical use of the Patriot Act as proof that Ron Paul is the nation’s Father of Liberty, may I just point out that lying about the Patriot Act being unconstitutional does not make unconstitutional and I am sick and tired of the Ron Paul lies. To paraphrase you ” Remember that other people have different points of view and you would be doing yourself a favor in life if you opened your mind to other ideas, not just the Patriot Act, but in general to be a more informed voter and person.” As an informed voter myself I know the folowing about the Patriot Act:

      It protects civil liberties and provides for the common defense. The Constitution requires the President and Congress to respect and defend individual civil liberties but also provide for the common defense. The Constitution weighs heavily on both sides of the debate over national security and civil liberties—it is important to recognize both factors.

      Expectation of privacy is not unlimited. The Supreme Court has ruled that Americans enjoy a “reasonable” expectation of privacy; however, this is not an unlimited expectation of privacy. This means that anything one exposes voluntarily to the public—or even to a third party—is not considered protected. Congress of course can expand these rights (and it has repeatedly); however, these protections yield to criminal and national security investigations.

      The law provides significant safeguards. The PATRIOT Act does not provide investigators with unfettered power to spy on innocent Americans. What it does do is ensure that national security investigators have the same tools at their disposal to investigate terrorists that law enforcement agents have to investigate and prosecute drug dealers and rapists. These tools come with significant procedural safeguards, oversight, and reporting requirements and are subject to routine and aggressive oversight by the FISA court and Congress.

      It has passed constitutional muster. No single provision of the PATRIOT Act has ever been found unconstitutional. This is a testament to the act’s limited applicability, procedural safeguards, and extensive oversight mechanisms—as well as the fact that it often provides more protections than are afforded in criminal proceedings.

      Disagreements over the role of government are different from actual abuse. Mere expansion of executive authority in the context of national security investigations alone does not in itself create actual abuse. Certainly, there are fundamental disagreements over the role of the executive branch during wartime. However, careful monitoring and vigilant oversight are oftentimes the answer to potential abuses of power—not all-out prohibition.

      So please, stoip the ies, stop making Paul some kind of prophet because he is a false one, and if you want to reduce obnoxious language in politics, start so by trying to tell your Ron Paul friends to have some open minds and respect of their own.

  6. Arguing with the idiot that wrote this post, isn’t worth my time.
    We can all see through these guys.
    Ron Paul’s record speaks for itself.

    • If it wasn’t worth your time, why did you “waste your time doing exactly what you said is not worth your time. That is typical of Ron Pauliacs. They are hypocrites and whether you like it or not, if the Ron Paul record speaks anything, it is that he is a hypocrite. He opposes federal subsidies, yet he obtains them to study shrimp in his district. He opposes terms limits but after nearly two decades in office, he never believed in limiting how many terms he spent in office. Those are just a few examples of they type of record that your messaih has speaking for itself.

  7. http://www.enviroknow.com/2011/06/23/rick-perry-al-gore-1988/


    ^ here are two links, that verify Perry was a democratic campaign manager. wtf are you talking about blatant lies? You saying he wasn’t is a lie that’s easy to detect. I know half-wit Perry supporters are taken back by his haircut or some such bull, but leave the political commentary to those who can at least check their facts.

    • Are you a total blubbering idiot or just a total ass? The lie was that Rick Perry was a national chair of Al Gore’s campaign. No one ever said he wasn’t a Democrat. As I have said on multiple occassions, If was able to forgive Ronald Reagan for once being a Democrat, I can forgive Rick Perry for having once been one. Furthermore, trying to prove your point by trying to reduce the legitimacy of my point because I am a Rick Perry supporter is absolutely ludicrous and false. I am not a Rick Perry supporter and I have not endorsed him. But the sad fact is that even though I am not a Perry supporter, the obnoxiousness and lies of Ron Paul supporters has inspirewd me to defend Rick Perry. So “WTF” are you talking about? Stop your lies and stop trying to pull facts out from ass.

      • The ad said nothing about being his national campaign Chair. I don’t have to prove my point with anything other than facts which have little to do with your statements.The ad said he was a Texas campaign manager for Al Gore. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Again, check your facts. Try doing so before you respond with more “blatant lies” and strawmen.

  8. Debra Medina was not referring to Rick Perry as being Al Gore’s national Campaign Chairman, but his TEXAS Campaign Chairman — a point that Rick Perry cannot dispute. And, no offense, but please at least TRY to get your facts straight if you are going to blog about political issues. Thanks.
    — a Texan

    “Rick Perry, who entered the Texas legislature as a Democrat in 1984, served as Al Gore’s Texas Campaign Chairman in the 1988 presidential campaign. Soon after the campaign, Perry switched parties and was elected Texas Agriculture Commissioner as a Republican in 1990.”

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