The Truth About Rick Perry’s “Assault” of Ron Paul

Bookmark and Share    As Ron Pauliacs try to smear all those who might dare to disagree with their messiah, and continue to perpetuate rumors about Texas Governor Rick Perry assaulting Dr. Paul during the most recent Republican presidential debate, Congressman Paul himself finally divulges the ugly details of the traumatic experience conjured up by his supporters.

According to Rep. Paul, [as seen in the video below] he didn’t remember the exact moments that the pictures were taken in, but he confirms the two …..”didn’t have any cross words”.

Kudo’s to Ron Paul for setting the record straight.

While I am not a fan of Congressman Paul’s interpretation of several policies, I happen to like the man himself.  But as made evident by his kool aid swilling fanatics in the false allegations associated with three misleading photos, Ron Paul’s supporters do him more harm than good.  Few of them help Dr. Paul or his cause.  Just as Congressman Paul suffers from his own inability to take his arguments and communicate them in a way that expands his base, his most ardent supporters do little to help persuade people to support Ron Paul.  In fact they do just the opposite.  They turn people off with their obnoxious allegations, name calling, shouts,  and characterizations of others who disagree with them or their messiah.

In this case what is most funny and quite hypocritical of Pauliacs is that despite their attempts to claim a deeper appreciation for the United States Constitution than all others, they conveniently ignored one of the basic judicial precepts of American law………that one is innocent until proven guilty.  Thankfully Dr. Paul has not forgotten that.  Perhaps his supporters should remember that as well?

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10 Responses

  1. Lol.. that a crazy way to generalize millions upon millions of people.. good try though.

    • Just doing what Ron Paul supporters do to tens of millions of people with their own generalizations. Glad you agree with me about how irritating it can be. Thanks.

      • I think a lot has changed since 2008. It use to be the RP fans who sounded extreme. Now I here a lot of the mainstream sounding extreme and RP sounding more moderate. You know your making headway when they stop ignoring you and start attacking!

        • If headway is remaining a fringe candidate who has not been able to expand your base and get anything accomplished, than I guess you’re right. By your definition, Denis Kucinich has made a lot of “headway” too.

  2. Kempite, appears you’re the one calling names. How childish.

  3. You pathetic troll, Paul will come out on TOP America depends on it.

  4. So do you have anything to offer an intelligent argument over who will lead the free world that does not involve some type of fallacy?

    Do all of your arguments contain appeal to majority and ad hominem attacks?

    Even if you articulated a proper argument once in the above articles you would still only be arguing at those who support Ron Paul and not against the man’s platforms, political theory or philosophy or anything else that someone should think about before supporting or dismissing a candidate.

    However your article and arguments are not intelligent in the slightest and riddled with fallacy.

    I would advise you to work on some critical thinking and communication skills or at the very least breeze over the basics of intelligent discourse and proper argumentation before engaging in such an embarrassing display of ignorance again.

    • So let me ask you this, “do you have anything to offer an intelligent argument” that disproves my opinions, or “do all of your arguments contain” “nothing but ad hominem attacks?”

      Now in cas you didn’t get it yet, you claim that I did not make many intelligent arguments and is filled with nothing but fallcies, yet WHAT THE HELL DID YOUR UNINTELLIGIBLE SLEW OF GIBBERISH CONTAIN?

      You need to tell me one fact that is incorrect in my post. Is the fact that Paul people tried to claim Perry assaulted Paul? Is it the fact that pauliacs claim have to greater appreciation for freedom and the constitution than others? What was antyhning but a fact. Come on big guy, put some turth behind your onw poorly written words. Instead of attacking someone because they don’t bend over for Ron Paul and don’t participate in the hero worship of him that you, prove me wrong!

      Until then, go fuck yourself! Hoiw’s that for discourse, you hypocritical little puke!

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