Get Yer Obama Job Killing Calendar Here: Compliments of American Crossroads

Bookmark and Share   While the group American Crossroads has been much maligned by both the TEA Party on the right and the liberal bomb throwers on the left, much of that criticism has been centered around former Bush strategist Karl Rove and former R.N.C. Chairman Ed Gillespie who were among the initial creators of the group.  However despite ones opinions, deserved and undeserved, of people like Karl Rove,  American Crossroads is doing a good job at one thing……….making the case against Barack Obama. 

Take for example the following advertisement that American Crossroads just produced; 

The ad quite masterfully makes a dramatically easy to understand case that on the issue currently having the greatest negative effect on Americans, President Obama has done nothing but make it worse and has cost us far more than his presidency is worth.  The problem is that American Crossroads is a 527.  According to Internal Revenue Code Section 527, such groups  are permitted  to collect unlimited amounts of money from individuals and corporations and spend those funds on independent advocacy or opposition efforts.  In other words, it takes full, legal advantage of the controversial  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling that lifted restrictions on corporate cash in political advertisements.

The first amendment plusses or influence peddling minuses regarding allowing endless amounts of money to be pumped into advertising that manipulates political policy through free speech and  public opinion can be argued endlessly, and it will be.  But in the meantime no matter where you stand on that issue, American Crossroads is right about President Obama’s economy killing ideology and policies.  So regardless of what you think about Karl Rove or how much dislike you have for the influence that money has in politics, don’t ignore the message that American Crossroads is getting out there. 

In this case, you can you shoot the messenger if you like, but don’t bury the message.

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