Perry Picks Up Endorsement of a Second Governor in Two Days

Bookmark and Share  In what can only be considered an upset for Mitt Romney Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has endorsed Texas Gov. Rick Perry for President.

Sandoval’s endorsement comes a day after Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal also endorsed Rick Perry for President.

In announcing his support in a statement issued on Tuesday.Governor Sandoval cited Perry’s “strong record on jobs” and stated that Perry “will get America working again”.

Back in March, Sandoval praised Romney as one of several candidates who could make a “great” president. But today he made it clear that in his opinion, Rick Perry is the best one.

Nevada has been a state that Romney has focused on. He won its caucus back in 2008 and has been largely expected to win it this time around. Part of the reason for that is the larger than average percentage of Mormons in Nevada. As a Mormon himself, this is a natural constituency for Romney. But the endorsement of the Nevada’s Governor will make winning Nevada a real battle for Romney. With the power and influence of Governor Sandoval behind Perry much of the Republican apparatus will provide Perry with much needed volunteers and organizational support.

Like Jindal who endorsed Perry the day before, regardless of who the Republican presidential turns out to be, Sandoval must be viewed as a potential vice presidential candidate. The support of Jindal and Sandoval makes it an even more likely possibility if Perry is that nominee.

These two endorsements would seem to signal the end of a trend that kept many people sitting on their hands until a perceived “better” candidate entered the race. While candidates like Romney, Gingrich, Cain, Santorum and others have been running for months now, endorsements for them have been far and few between and most of those endorsements did not come from any figures who are s influential as incumbent Governors.  This string of high profile endorsements is perhaps a sign that Perry is in fact the candidate that many were waiting for.

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