Gingrich Preparing New Contract With America

Newt Gingrich has promised a new Contract with America to be revealed next week in Iowa.  Newt seeks to turn around his fortunes after stellar debate performances have failed to spark a surge in the polls.  While most will acknowledge that Gingrich is one of the smartest, if not the smartest person in any political room he enters, many are turned off by his low charisma, history with regards to the Clinton impeachment, and perceptions about a floundering 2012 primary campaign.

I wrote last week that there is a disconnect surrounding Newt’s campaign.  So here are my questions for the readers:  Will Newt’s new Contract with America help his campaign?  Do you like Newt?  Why or why not?  And this is an entirely different question: would you vote for Newt?  Consider this post a research project.

2 Responses

  1. I happen to like Newt. That also probably is a kiss of death…
    In any case he is seen as Old Guard Country Club Republican, and in this day and age that just will not cut it. While when I met him years ago he seemed quite personable his public speaking style comes across as arrogant, and condescending to many people. That alone will turn off TEA Party and Libertarian leaning Republicans. Lastly, he refused to denounce the Lautenburg ex post facto law concerning domestic violence. Thereby placing political correctness over the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That alone moves him off my list of people to vote for.

  2. If Newt dose what he says he will do,remove ovomit care,as number one on his list then follow through on the other things like imagration.HE’S GOT MY VOTE……GO for it NEWT……

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