Perry Picks Up Another Conservative Governor’s Endorsement

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

Bookmark and Share   In a day that saw little known long shot presidential candidate, Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter drop out of the race and endorse Mitt Romney then saw powerful California Congressman Darrel Issa endorse Romney as well, Texas Governor Rick Perry once again stole the thunder from Romney. Perry proudly accepted the endorsement of social conservative Kansas Governor Sam Browonback

In a statement released by Brownback, the Governor stated;

“I have known and worked with Rick Perry for over twenty years. He is the right leader for this moment in history,” said Gov. Brownback. “Now more than ever, America needs a President who knows how to create jobs and stop Washington’s runaway spending. Rick Perry balanced budgets in tough economic times, signed the largest tax cut in state history and helped Texas become the national leader in job creation. On the most important issues of our time, his record of leadership serves as a blueprint for America’s renewal.”

Brownback is one of the most appreciated social conservates in the nation and his endorsement will go a long way in helping Perry solidify that important base vote of the Republican Party for himself.   Yet Brownback’s support of Perry may hurt Mitt Romney more than it helps Rick Perry. While Kansas does not have a very significant Republican delegate count, Romney’s inability to claim additional conservative credentials by pointing to Brownback as a prominent supporter.

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