Who Won Thursday’s Fox News/Google Debate in Florida and Why?

Bookmark and Share  With nine candidates and many questions asked by American citizens through Youtube, who if anyone do you think won Thursday’s Fox News/Google Debate in Florida?

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Then leave your comments explaining what made candidates winners and losers in this most recent debate. Or join the debate about the debate on White House 2012’s Facebook discussion page.

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5 Responses

  1. romney and herman cain easily-what a team

  2. romney is the only epublican who can beat obama-itis over for perry

    • At the moment, given just the electability aspect, I tend to agree with you. Of the existing candidates, while I like several, Rom ney seems to be the only one who has his crap together and is able to put together the type of organization that can effectively go head to head with President Obama. That is not to say that someone else can’t prove to that have that ability as the race moves ahead. But right now, that is the case with the current field of candidates.

  3. I think it all depends on the criteria used so I will explain my criteria first. Second I don’t know that this was really what I would call a debate as much as a Q&A. It was good for snippets but these short answers often leave people confused unless they already have previous information.

    1. Honesty- Paul
    2. Identifying the correct issues- Paul
    3. Plan- Gingrich / Cain

    It is easy to talk about 999 plan and healthcare etc etc. But one thing Ron Paul said that I really like and was profound was that most of the candidates and people are looking at the symptoms rather than the root of the problems. In order to fix a problem you have to know its causes and our monetary policies facilitated by the federal reserve are at the root by allowing these federal programs that drain funds and corporate/federal manipulation of the free market. Paul shines here and takes it for me because he identifies the issue, he has a solid record to back up his stances and beliefs, and was one of the few that had the foresight to see and understand these bubbles and warn about them like he mentioned in the debate.

    Gingrich and Cain both outlined their plans well which I liked but identifying the most critical problem and trust is what kills it for those two for me. I will admit I am biased against Cain due to his involvement with the federal reserve and his stance on their audit/oversight.

    I think Johnson could be good in the future, but tonight though he got his name out there I think he needs more debate and public speaking opportunities to practice his delivery. And as much as the joke about shovel ready jobs made me laugh, other than his choosing Ron Paul as a running mate and the joke I don’t think many will remember anything else he said or his stances.

    Huntsman performed decently but I don’t think anything he said had an impact with the crowd, especially subsidizing and government involvement with business again.

    If going by standing out and stage appearance I would say Romney. He stood by his stances even though they aren’t popular which I respect. He also handled himself well against Perry which unfortunately also sucked up a lot of time again but fortunately not as much as usual. I don’t trust him or think he will do our country well but he did look and act presidential as well as deliver solidly. Unfortunately it was also just more of the same listening to him this debate vs last debate with the Tea Party.

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